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Senate Blocks Military Sexual Assault Reforms

The Senate has blocked a bill introduced by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, which had proposed revisions to military procedures for punishing and preventing sexual assault.

Dated Methods Mean Slow Return For Fallen Soldiers — Or None At All

The agency charged with bringing home and identifying American war dead is slow, inefficient and stymied by outdated methods, according to a joint investigation by NPR and ProPublica.

Senate Blocks Bill To Overhaul Military Sex Assault Prosecutions

The measure would have removed the authority of senior military commanders to prosecute sexual assault cases within their ranks. The vote was 55-45 vote.


Claims And Counterclaims Fly As CIA And Senate Exchange Fire

Did the agency spy on Senate staffers? Did those Senate aides take classified documents from the CIA's headquarters? Investigators are sorting through the accusations.

With Waste Dump Closed, Where To Put Nuclear Leftovers?

Workers are about to re-enter a New Mexico waste dump that was hit by a recent accident. The incident is shaping up to be yet another setback in the quest to find a home for America's nuclear waste.

Hagel's On The Hill, Pushing For A Slimmer Military

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is on Capitol Hill Wednesday to explain why smaller budgets will require a smaller army — even as tensions with Russia flare anew in the Ukraine.

Military Budget Marks A Major Shift — Why This, Why Now?

Gordon Adams, a professor of international relations at American University, analyzes Defense Secretary Hagel's vision for a new, slimmed-down military.

Hagel To Defend Pentagon Budget Before Senate Panel

The Pentagon's budget for next year would cut the size of the Armed Forces and begin to rein in expensive benefits, including health care. The Army would be reduced to its lowest level in years.

Among Soldiers, Risk Of Suicide May Have Surprising Roots

The journal JAMA Psychiatry is publishing initial findings from the largest-ever study of soldiers and suicide. They say a higher rate of those in the military have pre-existing mental conditions.

Deputy National Security Adviser Explains U.S. Options In Ukraine

Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken joins Melissa Block to explain the Obama administration's views on recent events in Ukraine and Russia.