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Convertino's Phone Phreaking Leads To Cyber Weapons Career

Mike Convertino built a career making cyber weapons for the Air Force. While he can't talk about a lot that he did, there are some clues. He was decorated in Bosnia in the mid 1990s, around the same time the U.S. deployed its first lethal drone in combat. After Sept. 11, he helped craft standards for the rapid sharing of intelligence.

The U.S. Defense Contractors That Benefit From Aid To Egypt

The U.S. provides around $1.3 billion in annual aid to the Egyptian military. A good deal of that money actually goes to U.S. defense contractors that provide hardware and services for Egypt's army. Here's a list of the companies receiving the biggest contracts.

NSA Leak Reporter Says 'U.K. Puppets' Detained His Partner

David Miranda, a Brazilian and journalist Glenn Greenwald's longtime partner in a civil union, was questioned by British authorities at Heathrow Airport for nine hours on Sunday. They also seized a laptop and other electronic gear. Greenwald is one of the journalists to whom Edward Snowden leaked secrets.

Amid Struggle For 'Soul' Of GOP, Libertarians Take Limelight

Tensions between the traditional wings of the Republican Party and its libertarians have been brewing for years. Leaks of government surveillance information have helped exacerbate the conflict, pushing forward libertarians' stance on civil liberties.

Cracking The Code: Just How Does Encrypted Email Work?

NSA leaker Edward Snowden's revelations have left us all grappling with questions of privacy. One way to keep some of our information private is through email encryption. But, how does that work?

NSA Accused Of Repeatedly Violating Privacy Rules

Documents released to the Washington Post by former National Security Agency analyst Edward Snowden show the agency overstepped privacy rules.

Why Do Sikhs Want To Serve In The Military?

Sikhs have a long history of fighting in wars. But in the US, their turbans and beards often prevent them from being able to join the military. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with Major Kamaljit Kalsi who's hoping to change that.

Could Prison Spell The End Of The Jackson Dynasty?

Former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. was sentenced to prison for illegal use of campaign funds. Is this the end of the Jackson legacy or could he make a comeback? The Barbershop guys weigh in.

There It Is! Area 51 Revealed In Declassified CIA Report

A newly declassified document even includes a map. But there's no word about space aliens being stored there. Also, while UFOs are mentioned, they're said to have been high-flying U2 spy planes.

NSA Has Broken Privacy Rules 'Thousands Of Times Each Year'

An internal audit of the spy agency turned up many cases of "unauthorized surveillance of Americans or foreign intelligence targets in the United States," The Washington Post reports. Documents supplied by "NSA leaker" Edward Snowden add new details to the scope of U.S. surveillance programs.