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Obama Awards Posthumous Medals Of Honor To Two World War I Veterans

President Obama awarded posthumous Medals of Honor, the nation's highest award for combat bravery, on Tuesday to World War I veterans Henry Johnson and William Shemin.

TSA Head Reassigned After Investigation Reveals Procedural Failings

The acting head of the Transportation Security Administration has been reassigned after a covert investigation found serious failings in security screening procedures.

NSA Bulk Collection On Hold As Senate Considers Bill

The U.S. Senate is racing to move forward a bill that, had it been passed in time, would have kept key provisions of the Patriot Act from expiring Sunday night.

Parts Of Patriot Act Expire, Even As Senate Moves On Bill Limiting Surveillance

Unable to overcome parliamentary maneuvers by Sen. Rand Paul, the Senate adjourned and let three provisions of the Patriot Act expire at midnight.

WIth A Midnight Deadline, The Senate Meets To Resolve Patriot Act Issues

The Obama administration is pressing the Senate to act to prevent key parts of the USA Patriot Act from expiring at the end of Sunday. Administration officials argue an expiration could hurt counterterrorism efforts. NPR's Karen Grigsby Bates gets an update from correspondent Scott Horsley.

All Eyes On Senate As Patriot Act Provisions Set To Expire

Three key provisions of the act sunset on June 1. The Senate has scheduled a rare Sunday session to try to pass a House measure that modifies some of the provisions.

USA Patriot Act Faces Midnight Expiration Deadline

At midnight, three counterterrorism provisions in the USA Patriot Act expire — unless the Senate passes a bill already approved by the House. NPR's David Welna talks with NPR's Linda Wertheimer about what could be a dramatic day.

Anthrax Was Accidentally Sent To 11 States, 2 Countries, Pentagon Now Says

The numbers are more than the Pentagon's Thursday estimate of nine states and a U.S. Air Force base in South Korea. News organizations named Australia as the other country that received the samples.

As Police Body Cameras Increase, What About All That Video?

Police cams have suddenly become a big business. But the real money is in selling departments a way to store each day's video. Firms are offering easy uploads to the cloud but costs are bound to grow.

Senate To Vote On Patriot Act As Expiration Nears

The U.S. Senate meets for a special session on Sunday to deal with a national security program that is set to expire on June 1. The program has allowed the National Security Agency to collect and store a vast amount of phone records. NPR explains what is at stake and what the Senate is expected to do this weekend.