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Court Blocks White House 'No-Release' Detention Policy

The American Civil Liberties Union had challenged the policy of detaining mothers and children seeking asylum in the U.S.

Defense Secretary Carter Hints At Slowing U.S. Exit From Afghanistan

Ashton Carter, on a surprise visit to Afghanistan, said he was there to assess the situation on the ground and indicated that a "rethinking" of the U.S. troop withdrawal timetable was possible.

Violent Extremism About Methods More Than Ideas

Audie Cornish speaks with counterterrorism expert Peter Neumann, who attended the White House extremism summit, on the paths to radicalization in Europe.

State Department Doubles Down On Anti-ISIS Messaging

Efforts to combat ISIS propaganda have been unified under a newly expanded State Department office.

White House Worries Extremists Are Winning The Propaganda War

The Obama administration's effort to counter violent extremism includes trying to find a way to fight the messages of sectarian strife coming from groups like the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

For Students In Ohio, A Crib Sheet For Interacting With Police

In Akron, Ohio, some students made a reference card designed to improve relations between the community and police. It offers tips on how to behave — and how to report police misconduct.

A Model For De-Radicalization In Minneapolis

The case of Abdullahi Yusuf could become a model for de-radicalizing people. A judge has allowed Yusuf to await trial in a halfway house, where he will participate in a counseling program.

Obama Asks For Global Help Undercutting Radical Ideology

The White House conference on countering violent extremism is seeking a way to broaden the world's response beyond military intervention. At the meeting's last day on Thursday, President Obama said the U.S. is at war with terror, not Islam.

Critic: Extremism Summit Focused Too Narrowly On Muslims

Audie Cornish talks to Muslim Advocates Legal Director Glenn Katon about his organization's criticism of the White House approach to countering violent extremism.

Gitmo Detainees Transferred To Uruguay Say Life Isn't Much Better

Six Guantanamo detainees resettled in the tiny South American country of Uruguay in December say they feel like they've been released from one jail only to be put in another. One detainee complained on TV that they need their families, a home, a job and some sort of income. In response, Uruguay's president seemed to question their work ethic.