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China, India Surpass Mexico As Leading Sources Of New Immigrants To U.S.

A surge from Asia, and a decline in new arrivals from Mexico, change the outlook for U.S. demographics.

NSA's Bulk Collection Of Americans' Phone Data Is Illegal, Appeals Court Rules

A three-judge panel said Congress did not intend to give the National Security Agency the authority to collect metadata about Americans' phone records in bulk when lawmakers wrote the Patriot Act.

Business Incubator Taps Into Muslim-Americans' Entrepreneurial Spirit

The self-proclaimed Islamic State has a reputation of being very effective at recruiting young Muslims. It has a lot to do with the group's online skills. One group is challenging ISIS online.

Self-Declared Islamic State Claims Responsibility For Texas Shooting

NPR's Robert Siegel talks with the Washington Post's Adam Goldman about the two men who opened fire in Garland, Texas, Sunday outside an exhibit of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

Texas Shooting Sheds Light On Murkiness Between Free, Hate Speech

The organizers of Sunday's contest for cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad specifically chose Garland, Texas, for their event. The Curtis Culwell Center also hosted a Muslim group's meeting in January.

Obama To Nominate Gen. Joseph Dunford As Joint Chiefs Chairman

President Obama said Tuesday he will nominate Marine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the nation's highest-ranking military officer.

Ex-Guantanamo Prisoner In Canada Wants To Be Released On Bail

Omar Khadr was sent to Guantanamo Bay prison when he was 15 years old. Now in prison in Canada, he is seeking bail while he appeals his war-crimes conviction. Ottawa wants him to stay put.

Psychological Association Accused Of 'Complicity' In Bush-Era Torture

NPR's Arun Rath speaks with James Risen of the New York Times about a new report alleging that the American Psychological Association helped justify prisoner torture.

Citing Religious Beliefs, Muslim Gitmo Inmates Object To Female Guards

A judge has blocked women from shackling and escorting the five Muslim men on trial for plotting the Sept. 11 attacks. Soldiers, in turn, have filed Equal Opportunity complaints against the judge.

House Judiciary Committee Passes Bill To Limit NSA Spying

The House panel voted Thursday to advance a bill that would end the National Security Agency's bulk collection of Americans' phone records.