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Ex-CIA Lawyer Says No One Was Misled On Torture, Abuses Were Reported

John Rizzo, who spent six years as acting general counsel for the CIA, says that while he believes intelligence gains justified the agency's interrogations, he understands those who feel otherwise.

Report Reveals Deeply Misguided Interrogation Tactics, Feinstein Says

The Senate's "torture report" finds that the CIA conducted brutal interrogations of detainees in the years after 9/11, misled elected leaders, and got little useful information from the harsh tactics.

Former Deputy CIA Director Says 'Torture Report' Misses The Point

Audie Cornish talks to former Deputy CIA Director John McLaughlin about his objections to the Senate Intelligence Committee's so-called torture report.

Sen. Wyden: American People Finally Have Facts With 'Torture Report'

Robert Siegel talks to Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon about his reaction to the executive summary of the so-called torture report.

Reaction To 'Torture Report' Shows A Nation Divided

Enhanced interrogation. Torture. Black sites. The War on Terror. The politics have been fraught for a decade now. We survey reactions to Tuesday's release of the executive summary of what's come to be known as the so-called "torture report."

CIA's Interrogation Program Was More Brutal Than Believed

The Senate Intelligence Committee released a report examining the CIA's secret overseas detention and interrogation program. The 500-page report has new details about the program.

5 Interrogation Methods The CIA Used On Terrorism Suspects

The Senate's report says CIA interrogators used methods such as rectal infusion and waterboarding on detainees. The report says the techniques were ineffective, a point the agency disputes.

Senate Panel's Report On CIA Calls Harsh Tactics Ineffective

Democrats on the Senate intelligence committee released a report saying the CIA misled higher-ups and didn't accurately describe its post-Sept. 11 interrogation tactics. The CIA disputes the findings.

Obama: CIA's 'Harsh Methods' Inconsistent With Values, National Security

Earlier, GOP Sens. Mitch McConnell and Saxby Chambliss said the release of the Senate's report on the CIA's interrogation practices "will present serious consequences for U.S. national security."

As Torture Report's Release Nears, CIA And Opponents Ready Responses

The Senate's release will focus on case studies of the treatment, at times brutal, of 20 or so high-value detainees in the counterterrorism efforts following 9/11, and whether those methods paid off.