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Opinion Pages Offer Support On Plan To Combat Islamic State

Editorials in major U.S. dailies signaled cautious backing of President Obama's plan to broaden an American-led offensive against the insurgency.

Obama Tells Nation Islamist Threat Could Reach U.S. Shores

The U.S. fight against the extremist group that calls itself Islamic State is expanding. President Obama's strategy includes expanding air strikes in Iraq and extending into neighboring Syria.

Obama Called On Congress In His Speech. How Is It Answering?

The president said that he has the authority to address the threat from the Islamic State, but that he would welcome congressional support. Here's how members of Congress reacted online.

How Far Will President Obama Go?

The president has spent most of his tenure scaling back the U.S. military role in the Middle East. Now he appears poised to broaden an operation that will bring with it substantial risks.

Government To Drop Background Check Firm USIS

The Falls Church, Va.-based private contractor conducts most of the government's background checks and was the target of a cyberattack last month that breached thousands of personnel files.

Kerry Seeks Iraq's Support On Move Against Islamic State

The secretary of state's visit to Baghdad comes ahead of President Obama's speech tonight to outline a plan to combat the militant group.

Obama To Push Military Campaign Against Islamic State Militants

Experts say it's not so much the American people that the president has to convince, but the Middle East leaders he's counting on for help.

Jose Padilla Gets 4 Years Added To His 2007 Sentence

The Muslim convert and former Latin Kings gang member was sentenced seven years ago after his arrest in Chicago on terrorism-related charges.

High U.S. Support For Airstrikes, Low Numbers For Obama, Poll Says

In a new poll by The Washington Post and ABC News, Americans are increasingly in favor of strikes in Iraq and Syria against the Islamic State, as President Obama's ratings drift to near-record lows.

4 Things To Know About Obama's Islamic State Strategy

The president today is set to meet congressional leaders to discuss his strategy to combat the insurgency in Iraq and Syria. He's expected to address the nation on the subject on Wednesday.