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To Counter Russia, U.S. Mulling Tanks, Heavy Guns For Eastern Europe

The proposal, which requires approval from Defense Secretary Ash Carter and President Obama, would also place equipment in the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

6 Yemeni Prisoners Released From Gitmo

It is the first such release in five months from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and the first to be approved by Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

The Duffel Blog: Like 'The Onion' In Camo

Imagine The Onion with a military focus — that's the The Duffel Blog, a satirical website that pokes fun at the military. NPR's Scott Simon talks to founder and Editor-in-Chief Paul Szoldra.

Ex-NSA Officer: OPM Hack Is Serious Breach Of Worker Trust

Former National Security Agency officer John Schindler tells NPR's Scott Simon the data hacked from the Office of Personnel Management includes personal information that could be used for blackmail.

Examining U.S. Anti-ISIS Strategy

NPR's Scott Simon gets reaction from the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Republican Mac Thornberry of Texas, to the Obama administration's plan to send more military trainers to Iraq.

Breach Of Government Personnel Data Compromised Security Information

NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Damian Paletta of the Wall Street Journal about how officials said Friday that the OPM data breach also compromised security clearance information.

Federal Employee Breach Very Likely Included Security Clearance Info

In the massive security breach that was revealed early this month, hackers also very likely accessed information from background checks that were done on both federal employees and applicants.

U.S. Appeals Court Overturns Conviction Of Guantanamo Detainee

In a blow to U.S. military commissions trying Guantanamo Bay detainees, a U.S. appeals court on Friday overturned the conviction of a Yemeni man tied to al-Qaida. The court said the special military tribunal on the naval base did not have the authority to charge Ali Hamza al Bahlul with conspiracy — as it is not a crime under international law of war — and that the commissions themselves are in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Senate Compromise Could Help Obama Close Guantanamo Bay Prison

The Senate is debating a defense policy bill that would make it virtually impossible for President Obama to close the war captive lockup at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. But the bill has an escape clause.

Virginia Teen Pleads Guilty To Conspiring To Support Islamic State

The 17-year-old plead guilty Thursday to conspiring to provide support to the self-declared Islamic State. Ali Shukri Amin acknowledged raising money and helping inspire a friend to travel to Syria.