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Senate Passes Controversial Defense Bill

The Senate has passed a defense policy bill that includes controversial provisions requiring terrorism suspects be held in military custoday rather than civilian custody. President Obama has threatened a veto.

Senate Approves Sanctions On Iran

In a clear rebuff to the Obama administration, the Senate approved a defense bill amendment for tough sanctions targeting the Central Bank of Iran. Administration officials are warning that the measures could undermine international cooperation against Iran.

For Iranian-Americans, Sanctions Can Be A Minefield

Members of the Iranian-American community maintain contacts with friends and family in Iran. But that means negotiating the confusing array of sanctions the U.S. government has imposed on Iran for more than three decades. One recent legal case highlights the issue.

U.S. Weighs Sanctions Targeting Iran's Central Bank

Iran may soon face economic measures tougher than anything it has encountered before: The U.S. Congress is considering sanctions against the central bank of Iran, with the likely effect of limiting Iran's oil exports. But some analysts say the move could lead to a dangerous spike in oil prices.

Medal Of Honor Winner Sues Defense Contractor

Guy Raz speaks with Julian Barnes, the Wall Street Journal's Pentagon reporter, about Dakota Meyer, a Marine who was recently awarded the Medal of Honor. Meyer is suing a defense contractor that he worked with, alleging they blocked him from another job in the defense industry as retaliation for his objections to selling high-tech instruments to the Pakistani military.