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China May Not Intervene To Keep NSA Leaker In Hong Kong

Edward Snowden, who says he revealed information about the National Security Agency's secret program to gather telephone and Internet data, has checked out of his Hong Kong hotel. He has suggested he will seek asylum in the semi-autonomous Chinese city, but many analysts believe the Chinese government won't grant him refuge, given its desire to improve Chinese-American relations. However, a problem with Hong Kong's asylum law might make it possible for Snowden to stay there for a while.

Snowden Had A Fast Rise In The Intelligence World

Who is Edward Snowden? The National Security Agency contractor says he leaked information on secret surveillance programs to spark public debate over the reach of government monitoring.

Partisan Feuds Roll On In IRS Investigation

Even the admission of a self-described conservative Republican IRS manager that he was at the heart of the agency's targeting of Tea Party groups hasn't disrupted the partisan head-butting. Indeed, it may have intensified it.

What Is Meant By The Term 'Whistle-Blower'

When Edward Snowden came forward as having leaked information about a National Security Agency program, he was quickly labeled a "whistle-blower" by many. Is that a misnomer?

How Serious Is The NSA Data Leak?

The whistleblower who exposed vast surveillance operations by the NSA says he has done nothing wrong. Host Michel Martin speaks to Republican strategist Ron Christie and former adviser to the Obama administration, Corey Ealons, about what his actions mean for the President's second term. They also check in with other top political stories.
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Analysis: Cummings Says IRS Case Resolved, Expresses Concern For NSA Issue

David Hawkings, columnist for Hawkings Here, talks about the latest in the IRS and NSA cases.


Who Is Edward Snowden, The Self-Styled NSA Leaker?

Snowden, 29, says he was a mediocre student but that his computer skills landed him a job with the CIA. It was there, he says, that he became convinced that surveillance programs are violating Americans' rights to privacy. Now, he's stepped forward to say he leaked secrets about those programs.

Confessed NSA Leaker Holed Up In Hong Kong Hotel

The Guardian has identified its source for a series of reports it published in recent days on secret U.S. surveillance activity. The paper says the source is Edward Snowden, a former technical assistant for the CIA who now works for a private-sector defense and technology consulting firm.