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Virus Infects Drone Network

A few weeks ago, at Creech Air Force base in Nevada, computer security experts came upon a virus in their network. The virus was recording every keystroke made by Air Force pilots who remotely operate Predator and Reaper drones that fly over war zones. And so far, they can't seem to wipe the virus from the system. Guy Raz talks to Noah Shachtman, contributing editor at Wired magazine, who first reported the story.

U.S. 'Reset' With Russia On Edge After Syria Vote

The Russian veto of a watered-down U.N. Security Council resolution on Syria was not a shining moment for the Obama administration's "reset" of relations with Russia. It's the latest indication that Russia and the U.S. are far apart on major world events of the day.

Veterans, Civilians Don't See Eye To Eye On War

The United States has never seen a moment like this one, the Pew Center says: sustained combat for a decade, and a small fraction of American men and women in uniform. A new Pew study says that's led to some different views on the wars, the value of military service — and even the subject of patriotism.

U.S. Drone Controllers Said To Be Infected By Computer Virus

The infected computers are at Nevada's Creech Air Force Base, where operators control military drones flying over Afghanistan and other areas. So far, at least, the virus has neither hindered remote control of the drones nor funneled classified information elsewhere.

U.S. Looks To Sell Military Equipment To Bahrain

The Obama administration wants to sell $53 million worth of military equipment and support to Bahrain. Human rights groups are calling foul, saying the U.S. is rewarding Bahrain at the same time the Persian Gulf state is cracking down on pro-democracy protesters. State Department officials say Washington has a long-standing commitment to Gulf security, but, at the same time, they say there needs to be more progress on reform and accountability in Bahrain.

Romney Calls For A Bigger, Stronger Military

In a speech at The Citadel on Friday, the former Massachusetts governor known more for his business acumen than his foreign-policy experience said he wants to increase the military budget. A weaker military and a smaller global footprint, he argued, will compromise America's leadership in the world.

Partisan Divide On National Security Debate Shrinks

GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney travels to the Citadel in South Carolina to deliver a speech on national security Friday. The issue has traditionally been a bright line between Republicans and Democrats. But even since President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize nearly three years ago, the politics are no longer clear cut.