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Lewis McChord Base Has History Of Troubles

Melissa Block talks with Martin Kaste about the long list of troubles at Joint Base Lewis McChord. The base is home to the soldier that allegedly went on a rampage in Afghanistan, killing 16 civilians.

Afghan Shootings Could Complicate U.S. Mission

The shooting of 16 Afghan civilians on Sunday is not likely to alter U.S. and NATO strategy in that country. But the incident will exacerbate tensions and could make it more difficult for the U.S. to work closely with the Afghans.

Afghan Shooting Leaves Many Unanswered Questions

A series of recent episodes in Afghanistan has raised questions about the U.S. effort to work closely with the Afghans and wind down the U.S. military mission after more than a decade of war.

Drones Over America: What Can They See?

In February, President Obama signed an aviation bill requiring the FAA to make plans to integrate drones into American airspace. Brookings Institution senior fellow John Villasenor explains what these drones will be able to see — and how our privacy and national security may be affected.

A War With Iran: Rhetoric Or A Reality?

Israel's former intelligence chief says Iran does not pose an existential threat, and while U.S. intelligence officials do not believe Iran intends to build a bomb the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog says Iran has accelerated its uranium enrichment program. Facing tough sanctions, Iran's leaders have agreed to resume direct talks on the country's nuclear program while the drumbeats of war continue.

Experts: A Strike On Iran Poses Many Challenges

There's been considerable debate about bombing Iran's nuclear facilities, but little talk about the logistics involved. Military experts say Israel would likely need U.S. help, and a bombing campaign would probably take weeks, not days.