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A War With Iran: Rhetoric Or A Reality?

Israel's former intelligence chief says Iran does not pose an existential threat, and while U.S. intelligence officials do not believe Iran intends to build a bomb the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog says Iran has accelerated its uranium enrichment program. Facing tough sanctions, Iran's leaders have agreed to resume direct talks on the country's nuclear program while the drumbeats of war continue.

Experts: A Strike On Iran Poses Many Challenges

There's been considerable debate about bombing Iran's nuclear facilities, but little talk about the logistics involved. Military experts say Israel would likely need U.S. help, and a bombing campaign would probably take weeks, not days.

U.S., Afghan Forces Try To Rebuild Trust

More than 70 members of the NATO coalition have been killed by men in Afghan police or army uniforms in the last five years. After several recent attacks, new measures are being put in place.

Senator Blumenthal Pushes President On Iran

The Associated Press reports that International Atomic Energy Agency officials are concerned that Iran may be trying to cover up evidence related to nuclear weapons. That could fuel the debate over U.S. options for addressing Iran. Host Michel Martin talks with Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, who is on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

How Far Apart On Iran Are GOP Candidates, Obama?

In some respects, the Republican presidential candidates' proposals aren't that far off from what the Obama administration is already doing. Still, there are some key differences: how much emphasis to place on talks; how closely to align U.S. views with Israel's; and how to signal that military options remain on the table.

Pentagon Defends U.S. Policy Toward Syria

Key Senators pressed the head of the Pentagon on why the U.S. is not being more aggressive in trying to help rebels in Syria. But Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chairman Martin Dempsey both insisted that Syrian air defenses make the prospect of airstrikes — like those used in Libya — very difficult. They also said the opposition in Syria is too fractured to risk sending in arms, which could end up in the hands of extremists.