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The Case Of An Accused Leaker: Politics Or Justice?

In a Virginia courthouse Friday, former CIA official John Kiriakou is expected to plead not guilty to violating the Espionage Act by sharing information with reporters. But some critics say his prosecution has more to do with his public comments about waterboarding than with damage to national security.

2 Marines Killed, 2 Injured In Osprey Crash In Morocco

The Marines were part of an annual training exercise with the Moroccan military. The cause of the crash is still being investigated

Alleged Cole Bomber's Testimony Could Be Secret

The man accused of masterminding the bombing in 2000 is expected to testify Wednesday about the more than four years he spent in secret CIA prisons. And that's why, critics argue, the government is trying to ensure that Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri's testimony be heard in secret.

UK To Extradite Terrorism Suspects To US

Europe's human rights court ruled on Tuesday that conditions in America's so-called "supermax" prisons don't violate inmates' human rights. The ruling clears the way for Britain to begin extradition proceedings against five imprisoned terror suspects, including Babar Ahmad. Ahmad has been held in a British prison for nearly eight years without charge.