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Why The U.S. Is Aggressively Targeting Yemen

Yemen is now considered to be "the greatest external threat facing the U.S. homeland in terms of terrorism," says investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill.

Are U.S. Troops In Australia A Hedge Against China?

The U.S. has sent Marines to Australia as part of a military pivot that will place greater emphasis on Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Some Australians are wondering how this might affect their relations with China.

Why Do Terrorists So Often Go For Planes?

The latest terrorism scare, like so many others, involved a plot to blow up an airplane. While it seems many terrorist groups are fixated on planes, there are also signs that they're now looking for easier targets that can cause catastrophic damage.

Military Looks To Redefine PTSD, Without Stigma

The military wants to encourage more veterans to get treatment if they think they have PTSD. But that would add more cases to an already overburdened system.