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After The U.S. Leaves, Who Pays For Afghan Forces?

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta travels to Brussels this week to meet with NATO ministers. The U.S. is desperate to get NATO countries to pony up more money for Afghanistan, to keep the security effort from collapsing once NATO pulls out and Afghan forces take over.

Amid Scandal, A Look At Secret Service 'Survey Teams'

The Secret Service is under fire after agents were suspended for hiring prostitutes in Colombia last week. Republican Congressman Darrell Issa says the Secret Service must have had similar scandals before but hushed them up. Others see the Cartagena incident as another example of the Obama administration failing at administration.

Cybersecurity Bills Compete For Attention

Cybersecurity will get a lot of attention on Capitol Hill in the coming weeks, with several competing bills up for consideration. The most stringent proposal mandates minimum cybersecurity standards and requires companies to notify the government when their networks have been breached. White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan says it is essential that the federal government take steps to better prepare the country for devastating cyber attacks.

Expert: Proud Secret Service 'Furious' Over Incident

The Obama administration and members of Congress are incensed about a prostitution scandal involving the Secret Service. The co-author of a book about the elite federal law enforcement agency says the president's security was never at risk. The agency's stellar reputation, however, is damaged.

For One Soldier, Rap Is A Powerful Postwar Weapon

When Jeff Barillaro returned from fighting the war in Iraq, he felt lost. Now known as "Soldier Hard," he's rapping about how war has changed troops and their families. His music is developing a following among other vets and their families, who say his music speaks to them and makes them feel less alone.

The Case Of An Accused Leaker: Politics Or Justice?

In a Virginia courthouse Friday, former CIA official John Kiriakou is expected to plead not guilty to violating the Espionage Act by sharing information with reporters. But some critics say his prosecution has more to do with his public comments about waterboarding than with damage to national security.

2 Marines Killed, 2 Injured In Osprey Crash In Morocco

The Marines were part of an annual training exercise with the Moroccan military. The cause of the crash is still being investigated