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Christmas Day Bomber Sentenced To Life In Prison

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to blow up a plane with a bomb he hid in his underwear.

'Underwear Bomber' To Be Sentenced In Detroit

The man who tried to blow up a U.S. passenger plane on Christmas Day in 2009 is set to be sentenced in Detroit Thursday. That case fundamentally changed the way terrorism cases will be prosecuted in this country. The presumption now is that foreign terror suspects will be tried in a military court rather than federal criminal court.

As Wars Wind Down, What Are U.S. Security Needs?

For the past decade, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with the terror threat from al-Qaida, have been the focus of U.S. security officials. Now the debate is shifting, and planners are trying to figure out what comes next.

A Primer On China's Military

Melissa Block speaks with Eric Heginbotham — senior political scientist at RAND — about China's military capability today, how it's developed over time and what the Chinese make of ramped-up attention from the US.

As China's Military Grows, U.S. Assesses Risks

The U.S. military is at a turning point. It has just pulled out of Iraq, it is starting to wind down its effort in Afghanistan, it's shifting its focus to Asia, and the Pentagon budget for next year will shrink after a decade of huge increases. The defense secretary and the head of the Joint Chiefs spoke about the changes to Congress.