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Guantanamo Trial Opens With A Series Of Firsts

Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri is the first Guantanamo detainee to have his case tried under the Obama administration's revamped rules for military commissions; he could be put to death if found guilty in the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen. The trial is a test of whether a separate military justice system can provide the same impartial justice as a U.S. criminal court.

Criminals, Militants Align In Pakistan Kidnappings

In Pakistan, kidnapping is said to be part of the culture stretching back generations as a means to settle scores, extract favors or make money. But a series of high-profile, unsolved abductions in Lahore reveal a more sinister turn in the kidnapping enterprise.

GOP: Holder Hearing Leaves Unanswered Questions

Attorney General Eric Holder got a grilling from members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday about a flawed gun-trafficking operation that let hundreds of guns flow across the Southwest border. But GOP lawmakers still want to know more about the Justice Department's response.

Air Force Investigates Mortuary At Del. Base

The Air Force says it is investigating gross mismanagement at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, where casualties return to the United States from overseas. Three officials have been disciplined for instances of mishandling of human remains. And military officials say that steps were not taken to correct the problems at the mortuary there, even though officials knew about them. Robert Siegel talks to NPR's Tom Bowman for more.

IAEA Suggests Iran May Be Developing Nuclear Arms

The International Atomic Energy Agency has issued a new report on Iran's suspect nuclear program. It says Iran has conducted experiments that could only be useful in the development of a nuclear weapon. Guy Raz talks to NPR's Mike Shuster for more.

How Does The CIA Use Social Media?

Robert Siegel speaks with Associated Press intelligence correspondent Kimberly Dozier about how the CIA uses social media.