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'Unknowable' If CIA Methods Elicited Useful Information, Agency's Chief Says

John Brennan's comments come two days after the Senate Intelligence Committee released the executive summary of its report on the CIA's interrogation practices.

Dick Cheney On Senate Torture Investigation: 'The Report Is Full Of Crap'

The former vice president defended the brutal interrogation of terrorism suspects and said he would "do it again in a minute."

U.S. Says It Has Closed Its Final Detention Center In Afghanistan

The U.S. said it closed its facility at Bagram, ending a controversial chapter in American history. The U.S. said it no longer holds any prisoners in Afghanistan.

Congressional Plan To Fund Military Comes With A Side Of 'Land Grab'

Material tacked onto the authorization bill adds 250,000 acres of new wilderness, expands national parks, and moves toward a national women's history museum. 'Ethically, it stinks,' says Sen. Coburn.

Talking Point Or Proof Of Value: CIA Tactics And The 'Second Wave' Plot

The CIA and its defenders disagree with the Senate Intelligence Committee report on whether enhanced interrogations prevented a group of 17 Pakistanis from attacking the U.S. just after Sept. 11.

What Is Torture? Our Beliefs Depend In Part On Who's Doing It.

Researchers are studying how nations and individuals react when they given information that members of their own group have harmed other people, such as through torture. It takes some nimble thinking.

ISIS Used Predatory Tools And Tactics To Convince U.S. Teens To Join

It began with messages sent through an anonymous app. Slowly, the Denver-area girls were lured in, until one day they weren't at school. One girl's dad quickly realized why: They were flying to Syria.

Journalist: 'Torture Report' Shows CIA's Failure To Police Itself

Audie Cornish speaks with journalist Jane Mayer, author of The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War in Terror Turned into a War on American Interests.

Former Interrogator Says CIA's Techniques Amounted To Torture

Robert Siegel talks to Tony Camerino, author of How to Break a Terrorist. A former military interrogator, he is a strong opponent of the techniques detailed in the so-called torture report.

French Hostage Released After Being Held For 3 Years By Al-Qaida

France has now obtained the release of all known French hostages being held by militants, but critics say there are questions about whether governments should negotiate with hostage-takers.