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Data Hack Leads To Call For OPM Chief's Resignation

A lawmaker says the agency ignored recommendations that vulnerable OPM computers be shut down until they could be encrypted. The director notes some of the computers are too old to handle encryption.

New York Man Accused Of Plotting To Explode Pressure Cooker Bombs

Munther Omar Saleh, 20, had been under surveillance, along with another man. Both were arrested Saturday and charged with planning to give material support to ISIS.

White House Announces 'Cybersecurity Sprint' In Response To OPM Hack

A House panel is looking into the massive data breach revealed earlier this month that affected millions of current and former federal workers. As a result of the hack, the Obama administration has ordered what its calling a "30-day cybersecurity sprint" to better protect federal information. Is it window dressing or something substantive?

Islamic State Stitches Itself Into Fabric Of Seized Communities

NPR's Melissa Block talks to New York Times reporter Ben Hubbard about how the self-declared Islamic State has been digging itself deeper into the communities it has seized.

Senate Considers Anti-Torture Measure

Key U.S. senators are pushing for a bill that would outlaw torture. It would do so by making all U.S. security agencies abide by interrogation methods laid out in the U.S. Army manual.

U.S. Officials Say Nearly 14 Million Affected In OPM Breach

U.S. officials believe they now understand the scope of the Office of Personnel Management hack revealed earlier this month. Officials say the OPM hack likely affected 14 million people.

U.S. Airstrike In Libya Kills Algerian Militant

Pentagon officials have confirmed that the leader of al-Qaida's arm in North Africa Mokhtar Belmokhtar was killed in a U.S. airstrike in Libya over the weekend. He was notorious for taking hostages.

Will The U.S. Win A Second Chance At A Sunni Awakening?

In 2007, Sunni sheikhs, fed up with al-Qaida, started fighting alongside the U.S. in Iraq. The U.S. needs help again, this time against ISIS militants. But can they win Sunni trust a second time?

U.S. May Send Tanks And Infantry Vehicles To Eastern Europe

The Pentagon is seeking approval for a plan to put heavy weaponry into countries on the border with Russia. NPR's Rachel Martin and correspondent Tom Bowman discuss the proposal.

To Counter Russia, U.S. Mulling Tanks, Heavy Guns For Eastern Europe

The proposal, which requires approval from Defense Secretary Ash Carter and President Obama, would also place equipment in the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.