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Probe To Determine Depth Of Boston Bombing Plot

A big break for investigators in the Boston Marathon bombing case was a surveillance video.There are some new details of what's on the video.

Should Bombing Suspect Be Treated As An Enemy Combatant?

There are many outstanding issues surrounding the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Perhaps one of the most perplexing is how he will be treated by the legal system.What are the legal issues that could influence Tsarnaev's fate?

Gangs Scrutinized After Colo. Correction Chief's Murder

Investigators trying to unravel the murder of Colorado corrections chief Tom Clements seem to find many of the threads leading back to the 211 Crew. That's a white supremacist gang in Colorado's prisons. While a direct connection is still elusive, the evidence so far raises questions about the group, and the extent of their reach.

Boston, Bombs And Lessons From Israel

The Boston bombings rocked the nation, making it hard to remember that the country has been largely terror-free at home for more than a decade. In comparison, Israel endured the equivalent of a Boston Marathon bombing every week in 2002.

Boston Bombings Point To Growing Threat Of Homegrown Terrorism

Most major terrorist attacks against the U.S. have originated abroad. But as details of the Boston Marathon bombings emerge, reports point to two young men of Chechen origin who were seemingly fully integrated into American society.

Boston: A Real-World Test Of Homeland Security

The bombing and its aftermath revealed a massive, highly coordinated homeland security apparatus that can organize a mass casualty disaster or lock down a major American city at a moment's notice. Or both.

U.S.-Russia Relations Highlighted In Bombing Aftermath

U.S.-Russian relations are strained, but in the aftermath of the Boston marathon bombings, the two governments are trying to communicate to help the investigation. NPR's Michele Kelemen talks with Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon about the state of their complicated relationship.