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Debate: Does Mass Phone Data Collection Violate The 4th Amendment?

In the latest Intelligence Squared debate, John Yoo and other legal scholars faced off over the constitutionality of the National Security Agency's phone surveillance program.

Live Airport Tweets: An NPR Producer's Irregular Ebola Screenings

Airports around the world have begun screening passengers arriving from West Africa for signs of Ebola. But as producer Rebecca Hersher live-tweets, not all of the exams are as strict as promised.

What's Holding Up Release Of The CIA 'Torture Report'?

The CIA, whose post-Sept. 11 interrogation techniques are said to be blasted in the report, has blacked out large parts of the unreleased summary.

Journalist Talks Confidential Sources, Getting Subpoenaed And His New Book

James Risen could face prison for refusing to reveal his source for a story about a botched CIA operation intended to sabotage Iran's nuclear weapons program. His new book is Pay Any Price.

Secret U.S. Space Plane To Land After 22 Months In Orbit

There are many theories about what exactly the unmanned X-37B is doing as it circles the Earth on long-duration missions.

Britain Debates Revoking Passports Of Fighters Returning From Syria, Iraq

The U.S. has tried to block potential Islamic State volunteers before they leave the country, arresting them for intending to help terrorists. The British have suggested taking another route.

Twitter Is Suing The U.S. Over Free Speech (Its Own)

Twitter sued the federal government because it stopped the tech company from disclosing government requests for user information. Twitter says the current disclosure rules aren't transparent enough.

Labor Secretary Eyed As White House Searches To Replace Attorney General

The White House effort to replace Attorney General Eric Holder is happening largely in the shadows. But Labor Secretary Thomas Perez is emerging as a top candidate for the post.

Turkey Agrees To Train, Equip Moderate Syrian Opposition

The pledge to create a force to assist in fighting the self-declared Islamic State comes a day after Ankara called for creating a buffer zone around its border with Syria.

Turkey: Unilateral Ground Operation Against ISIS 'Unrealistic'

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says his country cannot be expected to go it alone to protect Kurds inside Syria against militants with the self-declared Islamic State.