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An In-Depth Look At The U.S. Cyber War, The Military Alliance And Its Pitfalls

In the book @War, Shane Harris reports that U.S. intelligence agencies, sometimes aided by corporations, are trying to dominate cyberspace. It's "changing the Internet in fundamental ways," he says.

Pentagon Plans To Spend Billions Upgrading Nuclear Program

After a major investigation into America's nuclear forces, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel says that he will be investing billions of dollars into the system, and changing to the way it's managed.

Hagel Announces Billions In Upgrades To Nuclear Program

The U.S. defense secretary said the Pentagon is aiming to invest about 10 percent more over the next five years to fix "systemic problems" in leadership, morale and aging equipment.

Report Released On White House Fence Jumper

Details have emerged about the incident in September that led to the Secret Service director to resign. The Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the Secret Service, launched a review.

Russia And The West: Close Encounters Of The Cold War Kind

Russia and Western countries have had several close encounters in the air and at sea recently. Russia says these are just routine military exercises, but NATO and its Nordic partners are alarmed.

Veterans Voices Multitracked, Overdubbed, Amplified Through An Actor

A new multimedia stage production, led by a Juilliard composer and an Iraq veteran who took up acting, hopes to help struggling soldiers battle post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Case For U.S. Combat Troops In Iraq

Airstrikes against ISIS have had some success. But James Jeffrey, Obama's former ambassador to Iraq, says Americans on the ground are necessary to win the war.

Congressional Leaders To Be Briefed On Fight Against ISIS

President Obama is meeting with congressional leaders at the White House on Friday. The general overseeing the campaign against militants from the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, will brief them.

Security Agents Often Miss When Passports Don't Match Faces

The people checking travelers' passports aren't great at catching fake or stolen documents. One solution might be to screen the screeners and only hire those with a talent for recognizing faces.

FBI Relies On Local Communities To Identify Foreign Fighters

The director of the FBI, James Comey, told an audience in New York this week that there is no pattern to identify the people who are traveling to Syria to fight — so the FBI is counting on local communities to tip them off to foreign fighters. The program is part of the Obama administration's effort to Combat Violent Extremism. Muslim communities are wary.