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What The Manning Verdict Says About Edward Snowden's Future

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning was acquitted of the most serious charge he faced. So what's the message for America's fugitive leaker? Both cases explore the line between whistle-blowers and traitors, but experts say there are vast differences.

What We're Watching As World's Big Hackers Meet In Las Vegas

Each summer, thousands of security researchers, hacktivists, black hats, white hats and feds descend on Las Vegas for Black Hat and Def Con. A look at the stories and trends we're keeping an eye on.

Military Judge Will Likely Announce Manning Verdict Tuesday

Bradley Manning is accused of perpetrating the biggest leak of classified information in the history of the United States. Manning has been in military custody since May 2010.

Which Citizens Are Under More Surveillance, U.S. Or European?

European leaders were outraged over revelations of NSA surveillance. But in many countries, wiretapping by law enforcement agencies is legal and privacy safeguards are weaker. Still, comparisons can be misleading.

Public Opinion May Give Russia An Edge In Snowden Case

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden remains in diplomatic limbo in the transit zone of Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport, an irritant to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has little sympathy for Snowden, but doesn't want to appear to cave in to U.S. demands for his return.

In Closing Arguments, Defense Argues Manning Is A Whistleblower

Pfc. Bradley Manning, argued the defense, released classified information in an attempt to spark debate about things he found troubling about war and American diplomacy.

Snowden Wouldn't Face Death Penalty, Holder Tells Russia

The U.S. wants Russia to send the "NSA leaker" home for prosecution. In a letter to his Russian counterpart, Attorney General Eric Holder gives what he says are assurances that Edward Snowden should not be "treated as a refugee or granted asylum."

Report: Feds Have Asked Web Firms For Users' Passwords

Sources tell CNET News that government investigators have asked for such data. Whether any company has turned the information over isn't clear. The report is the latest in a string of stories in recent weeks about steps that the National Security Agency and FBI are reportedly taking.

In Closing Arguments, Prosecutors Portray Manning As Reckless

At issue is whether Pfc. Bradley Manning knowingly provided intelligence to enemies of the U.S. The aiding-the-enemy charge is punishable by life in prison.

For American Defectors To Russia, An Unhappy History

Edward Snowden would be the latest of many Americans who've sought refuge inside Russia after leaving the U.S. Their fate has rarely — if ever — played out the way they'd intended.