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Prisoner Exchange With Cuba Led To Freedom For Top U.S. Intelligence Agent

President Obama called the unnamed man "one of the most important intelligence agents that the United States has ever had in Cuba." The agent spent nearly two decades in a Cuban prison.

'Torture Report': A Closer Look At When And What President Bush Knew

A Senate investigation says President George W. Bush was not briefed on the specifics of how the CIA interrogated terrorism suspects until four years into the program. Bush denies that.

From Judges To Inmates, Finding The Human Casualties Of Mandatory Sentencing

Amid the backdrop of debate inside Washington and across the country, an NPR series will focus on the human toll of the tough mandatory minimum prison terms for drug crimes.

Cheney On Harsh Interrogation: 'I'd Do It Again In A Minute'

The former vice president doubled down on his defense of the Bush administration's use of such techniques, calling the Senate's recent report "seriously flawed."

Two Views Of The CIA's 'Enhanced' Interrogations

The Senate Intelligence Committee released a report Tuesday on the interrogation techniques used by the CIA after 9/11. The report has elicited a number of sharply differing perspectives.

NYT Reporter: Brutal Interrogations Rose In CIA's Post-9/11 Chaos

NPR's Scott Simon talks with New York Times reporter Mark Mazzetti about the evolution of the CIA's approach to counter-terrorism, from interrogations to drone attacks.

Holder Won't Force NYT Journalist To Reveal Source

The Justice Department has decided not to make journalist James Risen reveal a source. Correspondent David Folkenflik tells NPR's Scott Simon about a case that became a flashpoint for press freedom.

Yale Law Professor: Torture Is Never Justified

Whether or not the CIA's interrogation techniques produced viable intelligence, they were still morally wrong, says Bloomberg View columnist Stephen Carter. He tells NPR's Scott Simon why.

The Ethics Of Torture, Explored In A Painful Fable

This week, the Senate released a report that details the interrogation techniques used by the CIA after Sept. 11. Author Laila Lalami grapples with the questions it raises by turning to literature.

Even If Torture Doesn't Work In The Real World, TV Has Us Convinced It Does

Interrogation experts have tried to get shows like 24 to tone down the torture. But NPR TV critic Eric Deggans says that may not be as easy as it sounds.