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U.S. 'Extremely Disappointed' At Russia's Asylum For Snowden

After Russia granted NSA leaker Edward Snowden a one-year asylum, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said the move "undermines a long history of cooperation." Snowden arrived at Moscow's airport from Hong Kong more than a month ago.

Bradley Manning Had Long Been Plagued By Mental Health Issues

Sentencing began Wednesday in the trial of Army Pvt. Bradley Manning. Journalist Steve Fishman wrote an in-depth profile of Manning for New York Magazine. He speaks to Melissa Block about the famed Wikileaker who faces years in prison.

NSA Director Speaks At Hacker Conference With Mixed Reviews

Gen. Keith Alexander, head of the National Security Agency, spoke Wednesday at Black Hat, a hackers conference in Las Vegas.

White House Declassifies Documents To Justify NSA Program

The Obama administration declassified a series of documents in an effort to justify data collection efforts by the National Security Agency on Wednesday. The move may be an effort to get ahead of efforts in Congress to limit the government's ability to gather information about telephone and Internet communications. Also on Wednesday, The Guardian newspaper leaked more information from former contractor Edward Snowden, showing how vast the U.S. governments abilities are.

U.S. Declassifies Documents About Surveillance Programs

The most significant document details the safeguards the government must adhere to when sifting through data.

As Sentencing Phase Begins, Manning Could Face Decades In Prison

The severity of Bradley Manning's punishment is expected to hinge on his motives. The former Army intelligence analyst was acquitted of aiding the enemy, which would have put him in jeopardy of a life sentence. He was found guilty of other serious charges, from theft to espionage, for giving thousands of classified U.S. documents to WikiLeaks.

What The Manning Verdict Says About Edward Snowden's Future

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning was acquitted of the most serious charge he faced. So what's the message for America's fugitive leaker? Both cases explore the line between whistle-blowers and traitors, but experts say there are vast differences.

What We're Watching As World's Big Hackers Meet In Las Vegas

Each summer, thousands of security researchers, hacktivists, black hats, white hats and feds descend on Las Vegas for Black Hat and Def Con. A look at the stories and trends we're keeping an eye on.

Military Judge Will Likely Announce Manning Verdict Tuesday

Bradley Manning is accused of perpetrating the biggest leak of classified information in the history of the United States. Manning has been in military custody since May 2010.

Which Citizens Are Under More Surveillance, U.S. Or European?

European leaders were outraged over revelations of NSA surveillance. But in many countries, wiretapping by law enforcement agencies is legal and privacy safeguards are weaker. Still, comparisons can be misleading.