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Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Case Challenging NSA Surveillance

Without comment, the Supreme Court passed on the first case challenging NSA surveillance since the Edward Snowden leaks.

Monday Political Mix: Bitcoins In Congress' Spotlight

Congress holds a hearing on virtual currencies like Bitcoins... What else could go wrong with Obamacare? ... Cheney sisters fight over same-sex marriage goes public.

Navy, Marines Mobilize To Help Philippines By Air

The U.S. is using Navy helicopters and Marine Osprey cargo planes to get to remote typhoon-ravaged Philippine islands in areas that have been hard to reach. The coordinated effort is a complicated dance.

Writers Especially Concerned About NSA Actions

While polls show many Americans are uneasy with government actions revealed by NSA leaker Edward Snowden, one profession in particular seems to be alarmed. A new survey of professional writers finds them much more concerned than the general public. An organization of writers says that a large majority of its members have "never been as worried about privacy rights and freedom of the press as they are today."

Obama To Congress: 'Let's See' Before Any New Iran Sanctions

The president says the U.S. should give negotiators more time to reach a deal on Tehran's nuclear program before passing tougher restrictions.

Google Says It's Getting Far More User-Data Requests From Government

According to its semiannual Transparency Report, Google received 10,918 government orders from January to June of this year, compared with 4,287 in the same period three years ago.

Democrats Try To Stanch Political Bleeding From Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act's rollout has taken the remarkable Democratic Party unity that existed during the government shutdown and smashed it to smithereens.

Four Marines Killed In Camp Pendleton Training Accident

The deaths occurred at the base near San Diego during what officials have described as a range maintenance operation.

How Obama's Response To NSA Spying Has Evolved

Over the five months since Edward Snowden began leaking secret documents to the media about American spying, President Obama has adjusted his response to the disclosures. At first, he suggested the concern was misplaced, but more recently, his message has been that something needs to change.

Intelligence Officials Aim To Pre-Empt More Surveillance Leaks

Former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden is believed to have taken 200,000 NSA documents, and the vast majority have yet to be released.