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President Faces Tough Questions On Latest NSA Leaks

Obama is appearing for his first news conference in more than three months and is bound to get asked about the latest reports attributed to leaks by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Maj. Nidal Hasan: A Murderer or Martyr ?

The Barbershop guys talk about the trial of Major Nidal Hasan. He's on trial for a mass shooting at an Army base in 2009 and decided to represent himself. Some have wondered whether that is a wise move. The Barbershop guys weigh in.

Is Obama Snubbing Russia?

Was President Obama's cancelled meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin a silly snub or smart diplomatic strategy? The Barbershop guys offer a fresh cut on the week's news.

Obama Set For News Conference Friday Afternoon

The president is expected to get questioned about "NSA leaker" Edward Snowden, U.S. spying programs, relations with Russia, the economy and other issues. It will be his first major give-and-take with the press corps since late April.

Yemen Official: New Round Of Drone Strikes Target Al-Qaida

The strikes killed at least 12 suspected militants, bringing to 31 the number killed since drone attacks were stepped up at the end of July.

Sen. Corker: 'Congress Needs Ownership' Over Covert Activities

Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, lead Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is pushing for a rewrite of the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). It is the AUMF that was used by the George W. Bush administration to justify torture and warrantless wiretapping and it has been used by the Obama administration to defend drone strikes in Yemen, Pakistan and elsewhere. Senator Corker tells Audie Cornish about his objections to classifying certain covert operations.

Email Service Allegedly Used By Edward Snowden Is Shut Down

The owner of the encrypted email service posted a cryptic message, saying he was barred from divulging specifics.

Egypt's Top General And His U.S. Lessons In Democracy

Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi led the recent ouster of Egypt's democratically elected president. Seven years earlier, he was a student at the U.S. Army War College and wrote a paper called "Democracy in the Middle East." He's the latest in a series of U.S.-trained military officers to topple a civilian government.

Nidal Hasan: Radicalized, Unstable, Or Both?

The man who admitted to killing 13 people at a military base in Texas is representing himself in court. Host Michel Martin talks to Mohamed Elibiary, an expert on homegrown terrorism, about Army Major Nidal Hasan's trial and how to recognize signs of radicalization in the U.S.

Al-Qaida Conference Call? It Wasn't On Phone, Reporters Say

A Daily Beast story this week led readers and other news organizations to believe that intelligence officials were saying that 20 al-Qaida operatives had been chatting on the phone. But the reporters who broke the story say it was a "virtual meeting space," not a phone call.