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Several Reported Dead In Shooting At Navy Yard In Washington

NPR's Jennifer Ludden speaks with Steve Inskeep from the scene of Monday's Navy Yard shooting in Washington, D.C.

Attack At The Navy Yard: Latest On The Shootings In D.C.

Eleven victims were killed and several more were injured, authorities say, in what President Obama called a "cowardly act." A gunman is also dead, say police. Meanwhile one person thought to have been a "potential" gunman has been cleared. Another is still being sought.

Homeless Man With 'Great Heart' Finds $42,000, Turns It In

In Massachusetts over the weekend, a store employee misplaced a backpack filled with cash and travelers checks. The homeless man who found it immediately turned it in. "Homeless people are the first to help you out," says Bob Boisselle, who knows the Good Samaritan and also stays at a Boston-area homeless shelter.

Mansfield Waits 121 Years For 2nd Night Game

In 1892, Mansfield University held the first night football game. New electric lights illuminated the field. Just not very well. Mansfield abandoned night games until this past Saturday when they defeated Princeton.

Rescue Efforts To Resume In Flooded Colorado; More Rain Due

Floodwaters have washed out roads and made it difficult to get to many people. Bad weather grounded helicopters on Sunday. Though more rain is expected, authorities think the rescue flights will be able to resume Monday. Hundreds of people remain unaccounted for.

Rain Still Falling In Waterlogged Northern Colorado

Residents are flocking to shelters to escape massive flooding from days of rain. Hundreds of people remain stranded. Four deaths have been blamed on the deluge, and authorities fear the death toll could go higher.

Dear Apple: Good Luck Against The Smartphone Black Market

The new iPhone's fingerprint recognition technology is the company's first major effort to combat smartphone theft. But with an insatiable global appetite for the devices, will it really make a difference?

Crowded Field Tries To Make Baseball's Post Season

The end of Major League Baseball's regular season is less than two weeks away. It's the time of year when a long plodding season breaks into an all-out sprint among teams trying to qualify for the playoffs. The field this year is especially crowded as a few of the usual suspects are joined in the chase by some newcomers.

Calling Obesity A Disease May Make It Easier To Get Help

If obesity were a disease, would you be more likely to seek medical help because insurance would pay for treatment? Or would you feel stigmatized and just give up? That's the debate surrounding increased efforts to classify obesity as a disease.

Getting Personal With Your Health Insurance Exchange Questions

Can I wait to sign up for health insurance under Obamacare until I get sick? Do young people really have to buy it? And isn't Obamacare really a negative term? Julie Rovner answers these and more as opening day looms for the new health exchanges.