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Christopher Columbus Ship The Santa Maria May Have Been Found

The ship sank in 1492 after hitting reefs off the Haitian coast. Undersea explorer Barry Clifford says he's working with Haiti's government to carry out an archaeological excavation of the wreck.

Parking Meter Attendant Pleads Guilty To Pocketing Quarters

Marc Corsmeier admitted to keeping $50 a week in quarters for himself. After 8 years, that totaled to about $20,000. A store owner tipped police off, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer.

In Caustic Nebraska Senate Race, GOP Battle Lines Are Blurred

In Tuesday's Senate GOP primary, there's little ideological difference between the top candidates, and no one can lay exclusive claim to tea party support.

Time Warner, DirecTV Squabble Over Dodgers TV Network

The Dodgers launched a network to carry their games. But a dispute over broadcast fees and whether the network should be offered ala carte has kept it dark in 70 percent of the Los Angeles market.

Gregg Allman Sues To Stop Production Of 'Midnight Rider'

Lawyers for the singer and the producers of the biopic on Tuesday asked a Georgia judge to dismiss Allman's lawsuit to block the film. They say they're on a "path to resolution" outside court.

In Mississippi, A Tea Party Challenger Takes On A GOP Institution

After 41 years in Washington, Sen. Thad Cochran holds clout in Washington — and his name is on buildings across the state. But a Tea Party candidate says the time for that kind of largesse is over.

Election-Year Politics Dooms Energy Bill, Averts Pipeline Vote

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had made a vote on the Keystone XL pipeline contingent upon passage of the energy efficiency bill. Most Democrats don't want a vote on Keystone.

Donald Sterling Says He Isn't A Racist. Is Anyone?

The owner of the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers, who is in trouble for comments he made about black people, told CNN that he's not a racist. Who, if anyone, might qualify?

Tale Of Two Billboards: An Ozark Town's Struggle To Unseat Hate

In Harrison, Ark., residents troubled by the area's reputation as a hate group hotbed are working hard to make the town more inclusive. White supremacists say the effort amounts to "white genocide."

As Drones Fly In Cities And Yards, So Do The Complaints

As the price of drones drops, more people are playing around with them in their cities and neighborhoods. This doesn't sit well with a lot of Americans. Are they just paranoid?