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It's City Vs. Creditors In Detroit Bankruptcy Trial

Grappling with $18 billion in long-term debt, Detroit makes it case for bankruptcy in court Wednesday. The business community says Chapter 9 protection will help the city turn itself around, but some big creditors will testify that the city hasn't done enough to find the money it needs.

For Democrats, Obamacare Web Woes Create 2014 Headache

When House Democrats are briefed about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act Wednesday, they'll be looking for assurances that the federal website's problems will be ironed out.

The Sounds Of New York City, Circa 1920

A team led by Emily Thompson, a history professor at Princeton, has matched noise complaints from New York City in the Roaring '20s with the actual street sounds of the day.

NGOs Call US Drone Program Illegal In Damning Reports

Two reports out today criticize the U.S. counterterrorism drone program and claim that the attacks kill many more civilians than the U.S. has acknowledged. The group Human Rights Watch studied six cases in Yemen. Amnesty International examined drone strikes in Pakistan during the past year and a half. Both groups accuse the U.S. of violating international law and call on the U.S. to make the secret drone program more transparent to the public.

Funeral Contest Rewards Those Who Think Outside The Pine Box

Melissa Block talks with Christine Pepper, CEO of the National Funeral Directors Association and judge for the Design for Death contest, about the competition and the winning entries.

How A County Clerk Ignited The Gay Marriage Debate In N.M.

In August, Lynn Ellins, the clerk of Dona Ana County and a long-time supporter of same-sex marriage, decided to "put the ball in play" by issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples for the first time in New Mexico history. More than 900 marriage licenses have been issued to gay couples across the state.

15 Years Of Wrangling Over Yellowstone Snowmobiles Ends

The federal government finally has a plan for winters at Yellowstone National Park that both fans and foes of snowmobiles say they can live with. Within two years, only the cleanest and quietest of the vehicles will be allowed inside the park.

Public Support For Marijuana Legalization Hits Record High

The tide of public opinion appears to be rapidly turning in favor of legalization. In November 2012, Gallup found that 48 percent of Americans favored marijuana legalization. Now that figure is at 58 percent.

Despite Efforts, The Rio Grande Is One Dirty Border

Since Mexico and the United States signed the North American Free Trade Agreement 20 years ago, the two countries have worked to clean up the waterway. The river makes up a large chunk of the border, but despite progress, massive amounts of raw sewage still enter the water each day.

Exhibit Recreates Cacophony Of 1920s New York City

The soundtrack 1920s may be jazz, but the actual sounds of New York City in the Jazz Age were more than just music. The city was an incredibly noisy place filled with everything from street peddlers and preachers shouting to grab a crowd's attention to peeling church bells and tugboats' warning horns cutting through the New York Harbor fog. Princeton history professor Emily Thompson and web developer Scott Mahoy used noise complaints and old news reels to find the authentic sounds of the city, and cobbled them together into an interactive, explorable site called, aptly, The Roaring Twenties.