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Latino Immigrants Find A Better Life In U.S., Poll Says

Many Latino immigrants come to the U.S. in search of a better life — and most of them find one, according to a new poll. Guest host Celeste Headlee talks about the findings with Robert Blendon of the Harvard School of Public Health and Rey Junco of Purdue University.

Was Wendy Davis Misleading In Her Political Bio?

Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis has been called out for embellishing details in her political bio. The beauty shop ladies weigh in on that and other news. Guest host Celeste Headlee hears from Connie Schultz, DeBora Ricks, Bridget Johnson and Nicole Austin-Hillery.

8-Year-Old Dies Trying To Save Relatives From Burning Trailer

A local school official said Tyler J. Doohan died a hero. He alerted six people to the fire and died trying to wake up his uncle and grandfather.

Failing To Get Off The Couch May Contribute To Heart Failure

Researchers focused on the activities outside business hours. And they found that your behavior beyond whatever you're doing to make a living appears to affect your chances of heart failure. To minimize the risk, walk when you can and sit only when you must.

Think You Know Richard Sherman After His 'Rant'? Maybe Not

The Seattle Seahawks player's post-game interview set off another national discussion about race because of the way many reacted to it with not-so-veiled slurs. He tells CNN that it's those who posted racial comments about him afterward who "showed their true character."

Winter's Wicked Wallop In 5 Headlines

The severe storm did just what was expected. It dumped a foot or more of snow on parts of the Northeast. Meanwhile, temperatures plunged again. Reports from across the region tell the story. Meanwhile, much of the West remains warm and way too dry.

Calif. Air Quality Affected By Lack Of Rain

California's drought is having a big impact on air quality. Winter storms usually clean out pollution, but without any rain the air is staying stagnant and could present a health risk.

West Virginians Have Renewed Worries About Water Quality

A chemical spill into the Elk River left 300,000 West Virginia residents with contaminated water, tainted with a chemical used to wash coal. It's been discovered that a second chemical has been found in the water supply.

Idaho District Reflects Battle Over GOP's Soul

Morning Edition is reporting from Idaho, where money is pouring in to support a Republican member of Congress, who faces a primary fight from a Tea Party candidate. The Tea Party is making an aggressive play to pick up seats in the House next fall. The race in Idaho offers a glimpse at some of the dynamics driving the GOP's internal conflict, and insight into how voters feel about the federal government.

Amazon Does The Math, Anticipates Your Needs

Amazon has a patent for what it calls "anticipatory shipping" — shipping goods to a warehouse near you before you've bought them. Renee Montagne talks to Tim Stevens, editor-at-large for CNET, about Amazon developing a sales method to ultimately read your mind.