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Did The Language You Speak Evolve Because Of The Heat?

People speak very differently depending on where they live, and the climate and environment might have something to do with that. Crisp English consonants don't carry well in the rain forest.

#NoCarForMe: The Unconventional Ways We Get Around

We asked you for photos of alternative means of transport that you or people around you use to get to places. Here are some examples of unconventional rides with one, two, three, four or no wheels.

Weight-Loss App Doesn't Help Young Adults Shed Pounds

We love apps. We'd love to lose weight. So weight-loss apps sound like a win. But tech-savvy young adults using an app didn't do any better than those trying to control weight the old-fashioned way.

For Jeb Bush, One More Father-Brother White House Question To Answer

The former Florida governor earlier this year announced a team of foreign policy advisers that included at least two well-known members of the Rumsfeld-Cheney team in the second Bush White House.

U.S. Economy Added 271,000 Jobs In October, Beating Expectations

The unemployment rate dipped slightly to 5 percent, according to the report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Seattle's Famed Gum Wall To Be Melted Clean

Authorities say the wall needs to be scrubbed to protect the historic buildings at the Pike Place Market. But cleaning 20 years' worth of gum off a brick wall is no easy task.

The Death That Ended His War: 'I Felt That ... I Failed My Family'

Practically brothers, both Barry Romo and his nephew served during the Vietnam War. But only Barry made it home.

Demographics Will Favor The Democratic Presidential Nominee

The electorate is changing. The groups that back Democrats have grown since the last election. Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg talks to Steve Inskeep about changes to the electorate.

W.Va. City Battles Rising Substance Abuse Among Middle-Aged Whites

Huntington Mayor Steven Williams tells Renee Montagne they have been coping with many of the issues researchers say contribute to the reported increase in death rates for middle-aged white Americans.