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Brain Changes Suggest Autism Starts In The Womb

The organization of certain brain cells in children with autism seems already different from that of typical children by the sixth or seventh month of fetal development, a study hints.

NLRB Sides With College Football Players Hoping To Unionize

The National Labor Relations Board says Northwestern University football players can unionize. It's a win for student athletes, but the university says it will appeal.

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Brings 'Bad Juju' And Pain 25 Years Later

The lives of fishermen in Alaska were forever changed after the Exxon Valdez oil spill more than two decades ago. They're still haunted by litigation, bankruptcy and herring that haven't returned.

Washington State's 'Slide Hill' Has A History Of Landslides

Robert Siegel speaks with Seattle Times reporter Ken Armstrong about the instability of the land in Snohomish County in Washington that was affected by the massive mudslide.

Unanimous Jury Convicts Al-Qaida Propagandist In Manhattan

Osama bin Laden's son-in-law, a top propagandist for al-Qaida, has been convicted. The verdict supports the Obama administration's claim that federal criminal courts are ready to hear terrorism cases.

Protesters Want To Sue Secret Service: Do They Have The Right?

The Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday about whether the Secret Service can be sued for a 2004 incident in which agents ordered police to move demonstrators away from President George W. Bush.

That Health Insurance Deadline Now Comes With Wiggle Room

President Obama often said that March 31 was the hard deadline to sign up for individual health insurance. But it turns out it's not so hard. Here's the latest on that slightly squishy deadline.

Labor Board Rules Northwestern University Players Are Employees

The decision means the players can vote to unionize and has the potential to revolutionize the way college athletics work.

The Sometimes Tricky Relations Between Popes And Presidents

For decades, U.S. presidents have sought an audience with the pope, and President Obama will have one Thursday. But this wasn't always the case, and often there have been political differences.

Map Warns Of Patches Susceptible To Landslides

The deadly mudslide in Washington state occurred in an area that was seen as vulnerable. The U.S. Geological Survey maintains data on areas at risk of landslides.