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Donald Trump Retweets Fake Quote Attributed To Him

Sportswriter David Roth was having some fun and tweeted a made-up quote he attributed to Donald Trump. Later, the fake quote was retweeted by Trump.

iPads Allow Kids With Challenges To Play In High School's Band

On the surface, the PS 177 Technology Band looks like a typical high school orchestra. But there are two big differences.

School Lunch Debate: What's At Stake?

Lawmakers in the House plan to vote this week on whether to allow schools to delay implementing new nutrition standards in school lunches. Some policymakers have called the standards "over the top."

Clinton Uses 'Hard Choices' Book Tour To Steer Benghazi Message

Republicans have been using the 2012 attack in Libya against her. Analysts say while Hillary Clinton is talking about Benghazi, she is defining the issue herself well ahead of any political campaign.

Lobbyists Loom Behind The Scenes Of School Nutrition Fight

School food service administrators once supported new healthy food requirements on the nation's school lunch program. But now, they want the rules delayed. And they're getting swept up in politics.

Shocking Upset: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Loses Primary

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary election to Tea Party challenger Dave Brat Tuesday night in Virginia. Cantor was widely expected to eventually replace House Speaker John Boehner.

Eric Cantor's Collapse: What Happened?

In some ways, the House majority leader is the most significant Republican incumbent ousted in a primary since the intraparty rebellion by conservative hardliners began five years ago.

Meet David Brat, The Giant-Killer Who Knocked Off Eric Cantor

The man who rocked the political world is a 52-year-old "free-market, Milton Friedman economist." While Virginia GOP Rep. Eric Cantor tried to paint Brat as a liberal, in reality he's anything but.

College Colleagues Will Face Off For Eric Cantor's Seat

Two professors at Virginia's Randolph-Macon College find themselves in an unexpected position: facing each other in November for a seat in Congress.

Rules Force Washington To Cut Emissions More Than Other States

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced strict new carbon emissions regulations. Washington state has the largest reduction target — about 72 percent overall.