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Providence Kindles Love Of Horror Writer H.P. Lovecraft

The science-fiction writer is attracting new attention. Hordes of visitors and tentacle-bedecked merchandise descended on Rhode Island for a literary festival this year that would have made Cthulhu and Yog-Sothoth proud. A bronze bust of Lovecraft even appeared in a local museum.

A New Way To Do Halloween: Chocolate Chunks In The Trunk

A Halloween event first started by churches has been gaining in popularity. Instead of going door to door seeking candy, kids instead go trunk to trunk, with cars parked in a central location. "Trunk-or-treating" is billed as a safer alternative to trick-or-treating.

For A New Kind Of Commute, Some Eye The Sky

If you commute to work, chances are you travel on roads or rails. A designer in Austin, Texas, wonders, "Why not up in the air?" In a nod to orangutans at the National Zoo who get around on wires 50 feet above the ground, designers see the potential for aerial mass transit.

Congressmen Berate Sebelius For Cancellations, Website Woes

Twin embarrassments framed HHS Secretary's Kathleen Sebelius' day Wednesday on Capitol Hill. Criticism over the rocky rollout of the website was expected. But Sebelius also had to answer questions about insurance companies canceling policies for people who buy their own coverage.

Case Of Marines Desecrating Taliban Bodies Takes A New Twist

Several Marines were disciplined after a videotape surfaced showing them urinating on dead Taliban members in Afghanistan in 2011. The case seemed to be over, but now there are allegations that the top Marine officer, Gen. James Amos, intervened in an attempt to get a harsher punishment.

When 'Fixed Income' Means Getting By On Social Security

For Gilroy Hain, 64, his only source of income is the $1,500 a month he receives from Social Security. He spends $500 for a rented bedroom in Los Angeles, and the rest goes for food and little indulgences, like an occasional rental car. For the former aerospace industry worker who was homeless for a time, living on Social Security alone is not an easy life.

Red Sox Win World Series In 6-1 Rout Of Cardinals

The Boston Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals 6-1 Wednesday to win the World Series, using timely hits by outfielder Shane Victorino, a gritty pitching performance by starter John Lackey, and the feared bat of 37-year-old designated hitter David Ortiz to capture its third world championship in a decade.

New York OKs Raising Age For Tobacco Purchases To 21

The law, which Mayor Michael Bloomberg has promised to sign, would make New York one of a very few U.S. cities to adopt such strong restrictions.

Could Obama's Health Law Vow Mean 2014 Pain For Democrats?

A dysfunctional website is one thing. But Democrats must now also deal with how they defend President Obama's oft-repeated talking point about keeping existing coverage.

U.S. Budget Deficit Falls Under $1 Trillion; Lowest Since 2008

The U.S. government ran a deficit of $680 billion in the financial year that ended last month — the first time since 2008 the annual shortfall has been under $1 trillion. But as the AP reports, "It's still the fifth-largest deficit of all time."