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Never Too Late: More Older Adults Sold On Entrepreneurship

In 2012, nearly a quarter of all new businesses were started by people between the ages of 55 and 64. What makes older adults choose starting businesses over retirement?

It's Official: Americans Are Floating In A Pool Of Ranch Dressing

What the heck did we put on salad, wings, chips and pizza crust before ranch flavor was invented? If you were born after the 1970s, you probably don't remember.

Review Finds Mammography's Benefits Overplayed, Harms Dismissed

Mammograms can prevent breast cancer deaths, but each woman's benefit or harm will vary based on her age and underlying cancer risks, a study finds. More individualized advice would help.

As Texas Gets More Diverse, Educators Grab The Bull By The Horns

Hispanics now make up 38 percent of Texas residents. One demographer says the state's future is tied to the success of its growing minority population. Schools may be part of the solution.

Beyond The Fog Of Spin And Doubt: What Has ACA Achieved?

The Affordable Care Act has made it possible for millions of Americans to obtain health insurance — but how successful has the law been in reforming the health care system?

Mother Of Earliest Auto Defect Victim Calls On Congress To Act

Laura Christian was reunited with her birth daughter a year before her daughter died in a car accident — the first death attributed to the faulty ignition switch admitted by General Motors. Christian discusses the company's much-maligned vehicle recall.

GM Ignition Switch Controversy Comes To Capitol Hill

General Motors CEO Mary T. Barra testified on Capitol Hill Tuesday, speaking before a House panel that is investigating how the company handled problems with its vehicles' ignition switch.

A Penny For A Native's Thoughts On Dime Box, Texas

Texas is a treasure of unusual town names. The quest continues to hear the stories behind some of them — including the tiny central Texas town of Dime Box. Bonnie Langham discusses her hometown.

American-Made, Haven-Kept? Congress Looks At Caterpillar's Tax Returns

Caterpillar executives are on Capitol Hill answering questions about the company's tax returns. Caterpillar is accused of shifting money abroad to avoid billions in taxes.

Chicago Mayor Could Face Tough Re-Election Challenge

Will Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a former top aide to President Obama, find himself facing a challenge from another politician who was once close to Obama?