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From Coffee Futures To Bulk Buying: A Year Of Adventurous Investing

Last year NPR's Uri Berliner took money from a savings account that was losing value to inflation and bought a range of assets that included a painting and a haul from Costco. So how'd his money do?

Shooting At Seattle Pacific University; 3 Wounded, 1 Dead

Officials say a lone gunman who opened fire with a shotgun at Seattle Pacific University is in custody.

Beastie Boys Win A Fight For Their Copyright

The hip-hop band that reached its zenith in the 1980s won a $1.7 million judgment against Monster Beverage Corp., which used the band's music without permission.

Is Pushing Interest Rates To Less Than Zero A Crazy Idea?

If a bank wants to deposit cash with the European Central Bank, it won't earn interest. In fact, the bank will actually have to pay the ECB for parking cash. It's designed to boost Europe's economy.

Stay-At-Home Dads On The Rise, And Many Of Them Are Poor

The number of fathers at home in the U.S. has nearly doubled since 1989. A desire among more men to stay home with the kids has a lot to do with that, but so does the inability to find a job.

'New York Times' Editor: Losing Snowden Scoop 'Really Painful'

Edward Snowden didn't trust The New York Times with his revelations about the NSA because the paper initially spiked an earlier story about the warrantless wiretapping of Americans.

Mississippi Marks 50 Years Since History-Changing 'Freedom Summer'

After decades of trying to ignore the turbulent summer of 1964, when a campaign to register black voters was met with violent resistance, Mississippi is now embracing its history.

Fla. Man Impersonating Police Officer Pulls Over Unmarked Car

The suspect flashed a red and blue light to signal a sheriff's detective to the side of the road. He was promptly arrested.

Bergdahl Homecoming Party Canceled, As Joy Turns To Worry

In Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's hometown, a celebration had been planned for his homecoming. Now, facing new questions and controversy, the town of Hailey, Idaho, has cancelled that celebration. Jeff Gunter, chief of the Hailey Police Department, explains the decision.

On Eve Of D-Day Anniversary, World Leaders Cope With Fresher Scars

President Obama and other G-7 leaders are meeting in Brussels for a summit that is expected to be dominated by developments in Ukraine and Russia.