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White House Invites All To 'Gather Around' A Holiday Tradition

Every year, on the day after Thanksgiving, almost 100 volunteer decorators show up at the White House. They spend the next five days stringing garlands and hanging ornaments, making the White House sparkle for the holidays. NPR has a related tradition, and it's about to end.

Fishery Closure Puts New England's Shrimp Season On Ice

After several years of declining shrimp stocks, regulators have imposed a moratorium on shrimping in New England waters. The closure could hurt commercial fisherman and future demand for the Gulf of Maine shrimp, but scientists say the move may be the only way to prevent the population from collapsing.

With Stellar Football Season, Duke Has New Team To Celebrate

Duke University is known for its basketball. But this year, Duke's fans are cheering for their football team, which has won the most games in its history. Lead by the national coach of the year, the Blue Devils are headed the Atlantic Coast Conference championship game.

Swimmers Cheer, And Strip, For Volleyball Team In Louisville

The University of Louisville women's volleyball team is undefeated at home in Kentucky this season. Doesn't hurt that members of the men's swim team attend home games, each wearing 26 items of clothing — removing one every time the Lady Cardinals score. Host Scott Simon talks with head coach Anne Kordes about the new cheerleaders.

Hagel Arrives In Afghanistan, Has No Plans To Meet With Karzai

The U.S. and Afghanistan have been at odds over a security agreement that allows U.S. troops to remain in the country past 2014. Hagel also met with leaders of Gulf nations to assure them the U.S. is not abandoning those ties in favor of a nuclear deal with Iran.

How Mandela Expanded The Art Of The Possible

To an African-American coming of age in the late 1970s, there seemed two certainties: Nelson Mandela would die in prison in apartheid South Africa and no black person would become U.S. president in his lifetime. So much for youthful predictions.

North Korea Frees Elderly U.S. Tourist After Weeks In Detention

Merrill Newman, an 85-year-old veteran of the Korean War who was arrested by authorities in Pyongyang after a tour of the North, reportedly issued an apology for his "hostile acts."

Mexican Official Says Six Arrested In Cobalt-60 Heist

The heist of the "extremely dangerous" radioactive material, which was later recovered, occurred earlier this week.

Nosy Driver In The Next SUV? It May Be A Cop Watching You Text

Forty-one states and the District of Columbia have banned texting while driving, and six others forbid it for new drivers — but that doesn't stop people from doing it. So New York State Police are using unmarked SUVs to try to spot drivers in the act.

Planet Money T-Shirt Exposes Issues Of Work, Trade And Clothes

All this week, All Things Considered and Morning Edition has aired stories about the global journey a T-shirt makes from seed to finished product. Over the months NPR's Planet Money team spent reporting the series, they tackled questions about trade, work and clothes play in the global economy. There's a whole lot more about a simple T-shirt's journey from cotton to completion here.