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Oso Mudslide: As List Of Missing Shrinks, Death Toll Rises

The grim work of identifying victims continues in Washington state. Wednesday, the number of confirmed deaths was 29. Of those, 22 people had been identified. Another 20 people were missing.

Finding A More Nuanced View Of Poverty's 'Black Hole'

Thirty-seven percent of New Yorkers faced severe material hardship last year, but the city's official poverty rate is only 21 percent. Researchers are trying to find a better way to measure poverty.

GM CEO Pressed On Handling Of Ignition Switch Defect

GM CEO Mary Barra and the head of the National Transportation Safety Administration testified on Capitol Hill about why it took so long to fix an ignition switch linked to at least 13 deaths.

Scientists Discover Remnants Of St. Louis' French Colonial Past

Archaeologists in St. Louis say they have uncovered the site of a French settlement from 250 years ago. The find supports written evidence that the city was a major commerce center at the time.

Concerns Linger For N.C. Residents After Coal Ash Spill

It has been nearly 2 months since a metal stormwater pipe ruptured near the Dan River. A federal criminal probe was launched into the relationship between Duke Energy and a state environmental agency.

Ryan's Budget Plan Takes Midterm Elections Into Consideration

Liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans both can find a lot to love in House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's latest budget proposal. In the Senate, there's no chance the plan will pass.

Debate Over Repealing Health Care Law Is Over, Obama Says

Six months after a disastrous rollout, more than 7 million people had signed up for health insurance on the federal and state exchanges when the deadline passed on Monday.

For 'Lent Madness,' Reverend Pits Saints Against Each Other

Rev. Tim Schenck created the March Madness-type bracket in the true spirit of the season. People learn about, then vote for their favorite saints to advance to the Golden Halo.

So You Think You're Smarter Than A CIA Agent

When 3,000 average citizens were asked to forecast global events, some consistently made predictions that turned out to be more accurate than those made with classified intelligence.

Small Health Insurance Co-Ops Seeing Early Success

Karl Sutton belongs to a farmers co-op in Montana where member-owners share costs and revenue. A health insurance co-op appeals to him, too — but can the model grow beyond its niche market?