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A San Francisco 'Painted Lady' Sells For $900K Under Asking Price

The largest and oldest house on San Francisco's oft-photographed "Postcard Row" had languished on the market since March.

Despite Death Penalty Repeal, Conn. Hands Down A Death Sentence

Connecticut abolished capital punishment in 2012. But in May, a Connecticut judge sentenced Richard Roszkowski to death for three murders. The answer to the apparent contradiction is in the dates.

Tech Week: Snooping On Steve, Uber Battles, 3-D Nutella Printing

In this week's roundup, a federal court says warrantless cellphone tracking is unconstitutional and we look back on a weeklong series exploring just how much of our digital data is exposed.

Cancer When You're Young Isn't Always 'The Fault In Our Stars'

We asked teenagers and young adults if the movie gets close to the reality of living through cancer. They said the loneliness, yes. The Hollywood hair, not so much.

A Campus Dilemma: Sure, 'No' Means 'No,' But Exactly What Means 'Yes'?

There are about as many definitions of consent as there are colleges — a problem for schools grappling with how to handle sexual assault. Turns out the easy part is covering what's not consensual.

4 Takeaways From Hillary Clinton's 'Fresh Air' Interview

Rare is the politician who has publicly admitted to holding or changing a position out of political expedience. In that respect, Clinton was no different in her interview with Terry Gross.

Cliffhanger: Authorities Set Fire To House Teetering On The Brink

The ground under a $700,000 home overlooking Lake Whitney, Texas, began giving way last year. Officials decided the best thing to do was burn it down.

For These Inner-City Dads, Fatherhood Comes With Homework

For Father's Day, we visited a class in West Baltimore that teaches parenting skills to dads, many of whom grew up in poverty and spent time in and out of the criminal justice system.

Chicago 'Heroin Highway' Bust Shows A 'New Face Of Organized Crime'

Chicago has seen spikes in shootings as gangs have splintered and rival factions battle. But authorities say they've also seen a recent trend of gangs aligning to form new drug-dealing factions.

Cantor's Defeat Brings An End To Prickly Relationship With Obama

As the dust settles on House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's primary defeat, some have begun to reflect on his relationship with President Obama. From the very start, it was a prickly one, with divisions only deepening throughout Obama's time in office.