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Figure Skater With 'Happy Feet' Hopes To Clinch Spot In Sochi

With only two slots on the U.S. men's Olympic figure skating team, the competition is tough. But three-time U.S. champion Jeremy Abbott — who has yet to deliver on the world stage — wants 2014 to be the year he takes a medal.

An Honorable Last Wish For A Dying Marine

Hal Faulkner was kicked out of the Marines in 1956 for homosexuality. He's now terminally ill, and the Marine Corps expedited his dying wish to correct his status to "honorable discharge." Since the Pentagon changed its policy, tens of thousands of gay veterans are navigating a maze of red tape to correct their discharges status and gain access to VA benefits.

Dental Coverage Deciphered, And The Latest On Sign-Up Deadlines

Children automatically get dental coverage through Affordable Care Act policies, and adults can buy dental insurance if they wish. That's one of the big changes under the health care law. And everyone has until March 31 to buy insurance and avoid penalties.

Calif. Toxin Law Warns Consumers, But Can Burden Businesses

Proposition 65 requires businesses to post public announcements about toxic chemicals in in their products. The law has been on the books for more than 20 years, and though it protects consumers, some say lawsuits over compliance disproportionately affect small businesses.

Some Women Decide Their Place Isn't In The Illegal Gun Trade

Women play an outsized role in the underground firearms marketplace. Often they handle illegal guns that are not for for their own use, but for men close to them. One Boston program is campaigning against gun violence, drawing connections between "crime guns" and domestic violence.

Electronic Rights At The U.S. Border: What They Can Search

This week, a federal judge upheld the government's right to search, without a warrant or "reasonable suspicion," a traveler's electronic devices at U.S. borders. The case had revolved around an American whose laptop was searched as he entered the U.S. from Canada. The federal government says such searches are rare, and, when they occur, help to protect the country. NPR's Arun Rath speaks with Susan Stellin, a contributor to The New York Times, about the ruling and what rights people have at U.S. borders.

Dad's Message Recorded At War, A Gift Given Decades Later

Sgt. Cody Wolf died in World War II on Jan. 11, 1944, when his plane was shot down. Weeks before his death, he contributed to a Christmas broadcast recorded on the front lines. His daughter, Margaret Ann Wolf Harris, heard that recording for the first time in December.

No Relief Forecast After One Of California's Driest Years Ever

While the East Coast is digging out from a major winter storm, California is praying for rain. The state just finished one of the driest years on record, and that has water managers, farmers and others worried.

New York Weighs Easing Limits On Marijuana Use

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is reportedly considering allowing the use of the drug for medicinal purposes. An announcement is expected Wednesday during his annual State of the State address. Medical marijuana is already legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia.

'Polar Vortex' Brings Bitter Cold, Heavy Snow To U.S.

The National Weather Service warns of "life-threatening wind chill" in the North and Central U.S. On top of the extreme temperatures, heavy snow is expected Sunday in parts of the Midwest.