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Ras Baraka Rises To Mantle Of Newark's New Mayor

In Newark, the New Jersey city held its first mayoral election since Cory Booker left for the U.S. Senate. Ras Baraka won, and Sarah Gonzalez of WNYC explains how the mayor-elect plans to run Newark.

Speaking Beside A Bridge, Obama Addresses Approaching Budget Gap

President Obama is visiting one of New York state's bridges across the Hudson River to talk about the need to spend more on roads and bridges. Funds for federal highways and bridges continue to fall short of expected needs. Why is the federal gas tax not keeping pace with the number of miles Americans are driving?

Home Of Sanctuary Movement Revives Strategy To Stop Deportation

In Tucson, Ariz., a man set to be deported has taken sanctuary in a church. Immigrant rights activists are hailing the move as a new way to fight the Obama administration's deportation policies.

Meet The Frontrunners In The Crowded GOP Senate Primary

Seven Republicans are competing for the nomination to Georgia's open Senate seat. All are conservative, but the primary on May 20 will be a test of how well the Tea Party is doing. At least three of the candidates carry the Tea Party mantle. Some party leaders worry that if one of the more extreme conservatives gets the nomination, it could clear the way for a win by a moderate Democrat in the general election.

'New York Times' Replaces Jill Abramson As Executive Editor

Dean Baquet, the paper's managing editor, will become The Times' first African-American executive editor. Abramson's departure was reportedly related to "an issue with management in the newsroom."

For The Win(e): U.S. Passes France As World's Top Wine Consumer

French wine consumption fell 7 percent between 2012 and 2013, while U.S. consumption grew by 0.5 percent, a report finds. Still, the French drink six times more wine per head than Americans.

In A New Twist To A Poignant Tale, Oscar-Winning Director Found Dead

Swedish director Malik Bendjelloul won an Oscar with his first documentary, a poignant story about an American singer who was famous in South Africa for decades and didn't know it.

Greenwald On NSA Leaks: 'We've Erred On The Side Of Excess Caution'

Journalist Glenn Greenwald says he and his team weighed the public's interest against the potential harm to innocent people when deciding how many of Edward Snowden's leaked documents to make public.

Sen. Scott: Democrats Too Focused On Symptoms Of Poverty?

Today, few political leaders are putting the war against poverty at the top of their lists. Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) is the exception. He talks about his conservative approach to ending poverty.

Black, Gay And Scared Of Sex

Expressing sexuality is still controversial and sometimes even dangerous, especially for gay men. Michael Arceneaux shares his essay, At 30, I'm Finally Tackling My Intense Fear of Sex.