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'Polar Vortex' Brings Bitter Cold, Heavy Snow To U.S.

The National Weather Service warns of "life-threatening wind chill" in the North and Central U.S. On top of the extreme temperatures, heavy snow is expected Sunday in parts of the Midwest.

Despite Scandals, Nation's Crime Labs Have Seen Little Change

Last year in Massachusetts, chemist Annie Dookhan was sent to prison for falsifying drug tests. Her misconduct tainted thousands of cases, and was one of the largest crime lab scandals in U.S. history. Critics say it raises a larger question: Do forensic analysts serve the truth, or the prosecution?

How Media Outlets Sometimes Agree To Agree

Certain issues brook no dissent. But how do media outlets decide if and when a strong enough consensus has emerged to safely dismiss other viewpoints?

Basketball Coach Fights For His Dream Of A Division I Job

Elwyn McRoy has been trying to land a job coaching Division I college basketball for more than a decade. He's skipped meals, slept in cars, and lived thousands of miles from his wife and kids for months at a time to achieve that goal. McRoy talks with NPR's Rachel Martin about his new, one-year coaching contract, and why he's still in the game.

Phil Everly: Harmony To His Brother's Melody

The Everly Brothers influenced an entire generation of popular musicians. Don's voice usually handled the melody, but Phil gave the higher accompanying harmony to that melody, which defined the brothers' sound. Phil Everly died Friday from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was 74.

With Benefits Cut, Unemployed Take Stock Of Dwindling Options

Emergency unemployment insurance expired Dec. 28 for an estimated 1.3 million Americans. That includes more than 220,000 Californians. They responded with everything from returning Christmas presents for cash to packing up and leaving the state. Congress could still renew these emergency benefits, as they have multiple times since 2008.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush Released From Hospital

She was admitted to Houston Methodist Hospital on Monday for treatment of pneumonia. Bush, 88, responded well and is now at home, a family spokesman says.

How Cold Is It? It's So Cold That ...

There's no hot air left in Washington? We suspect that while reading about the record-breaking temperatures expected to sweep across much of the nation, you can come up with some funnier ways to answer our question.

How One Man Won $324M And Didn't Realize It For 2 Weeks

Steve Tran of Northern California had a big winner sitting on top of a drawer and didn't know it. When he finally got around to checking the ticket, though, he realized his life had changed.

22 States Curb Access To Abortion In 2013

The 205 restrictions enacted between 2011 and 2013 outpaced the 189 enacted during the entire previous decade. Also, the number of U.S. states deemed by a leading reproductive rights group to be "hostile" to abortion rights continues to rise — from 13 states at the turn of the millennium to 27 today.