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After Shutdown Dust Clears, Where Does Boehner Stand?

Weeks after vowing that House Republicans would not capitulate to President Obama's demands for "clean" bills reopening the government and raising the debt ceiling, Speaker John Boehner led his caucus in doing exactly that. Only about a third of Republicans voted "yes" on the bill with Boehner, but Boehner's standing among Tea Party conservatives in his caucus may have actually improved.

Conference Committee Charged With Budget Compromise

One of the two items Republicans can claim credit for in the fiscal deal is the agreement for House and Senate negotiators to meet in a budget conference committee. But what happens if this committee does not produce a result by its December 13th deadline? Probably nothing. There is no consequence beyond having to abide by spending levels already set by the 2011 debt-limit deal — a level Republicans say they want to preserve, anyway.

Students At Harvard's Kennedy School Weigh In On Shutdown

The Kennedy School of Government in Boston is where aspiring politicians and civil servants prepare for a life in politics. How has the recent government shutdown impacted students' thinking about their future?

Greenspan: 'I Probably Could Have Caught' Economic Crises

Alan Greenspan was often celebrated during his long chairmanship of the Federal Reserve. But Greenspan's policies have been blamed by some for the Great Recession. In an interview with NPR about his new book, The Map and the Territory: Risk, Human Nature, and the Future of Forecasting, Greenspan discusses difficulties in predicting economic calamity.

In Flooded Colorado, Immigrants' Livelihoods Washed Away

After last month's disastrous floods, much of the recovery has focused on repairing roads and bridges to mountain towns. But a whole new set of staggering problems unfolds for the immigrant workers who had flocked to agricultural jobs in Colorado farm country.

Declining Gas Prices Pump Up A Shaky Economy

The federal shutdown had economists worried, but consumers have had something to smile about. Gasoline prices are the lowest in three years — under $3 a gallon in some places. Analysts credit greater supplies, lower demand, the easing of Middle East tensions and even a slow hurricane season.

The Whitest Historically Black College In America

Bluefield State College in Bluefield, W.Va., is 90 percent white. Its alumni association is all black, and it still gets federal money as a historically black institution.

How We Got Here: A Shutdown Timeline

The congressional impasse over the government shutdown and the debt ceiling has finally ended. Here's a look back at some key events in the standoff.

Wilted Reputations Left By Shutdown And Default Threat

There was a sense of relief Thursday as the U.S. government went back to work and once again skipped past default. But around the world, many investors wonder whether the U.S. is going to be in fiscal crisis mode for some time to come, and how the country's currency and creditworthiness will be viewed by others.

Nearly Two Years Later, A Controversial Rape Case Is Reviewed

In March 2012, two Missouri high school athletes were charged in a sexual assault case — and the charges were dropped three months later. Now, a county prosecutor will ask a judge to look at accusations. The firestorm surrounding the case was fueled in part by "hacktivist" crusaders Anonymous.