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How Mouse Studies Lead Medical Research Down Dead Ends

New drugs are usually tested in animals before they're tested in humans. But many of those studies aren't done carefully enough, analysts say. So time and money is wasted, and treatments are delayed.

Group Goes Online To Find Affirmative Action Plaintiffs

The Project on Fair Representation is looking for college applicants willing to challenge Harvard University, the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Sick 1-Year-Old Rescued From Sailboat 1,000 Miles Off Mexican Coast

The parents activated a distress beacon from their 36-foot sailboat en route to the Pacific islands after the girl developed a fever and rash that wouldn't respond to medications.

The Future Of Clean, Green Fish Farming Could Be Indoor Factories

Aquaculture in the U.S. has lagged because of opposition from environmentalists and people living on the coast. But entrepreneurs say they've found a way to produce fish on land with little pollution.

The Latest In HD TV, From The Comfort Of Your Courtside Seat

Huge HD TV screens have changed the stadium experience, meaning that many fans who paid big bucks for a seat at the game will still be watching the action on TV.

Men's NCAA Basketball Final Pits UConn Against Kentucky

Monday night's NCAA basketball national championship matches two teams with a knack for dramatic finishes. Neither team was in last year's tournament.

Measles At A Rock Concert Goes Viral In A Bad Way

A young woman who didn't know she was infected with measles went to a Kings of Leon concert in Seattle. Public health investigators have reconstructed her movements to warn the public.

For China And U.S., An Attempt To Clarify Rules Of Cyberwarfare

Richard Bejtlich, the chief security strategist at cybersecurity company FireEye, discusses the concerns over the growing possibility of cyberwarfare between China and the U.S.

How A Regulation Helped Ease Way For Stock Market's 'Flash Boys'

High-frequency trading has drastically altered the stock markets — and not always for the better, as the book Flash Boys makes clear. The roots of this kind of trading lie in a regulation passed to encourage the spread of electronic exchanges. Now, some critics say it's time to decide whether new rules are in order.

In New Exhibit, Running Shoes Are Potent Symbol Of Boston Bombing

Mourners left more than 600 pairs of sneakers at the site, shoes that held deeply personal meanings for runners before the race.