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Sniper Attack On Calif. Power Station Raises Terrorism Fears

Last April in San Jose, transformers were knocked out at a power station when one or more snipers fired at least 100 rounds into them. Investigators say they don't believe it was an act of terrorism, but other experts disagree.

Millions Warned To Stay Off Roads As Latest Storm Spreads

If you're in the North and you love winter weather, there's more of it. If you're sick of slipping and sliding, the news isn't so good. In New York state, drivers have been asked to stay off the roads — and will be ticketed if they try to get on Interstate 84.

Employers Added 175,000 Jobs Last Month, Survey Signals

The ADP National Employment Report shows slow but solid growth. But will Friday's survey from the Labor Department agree? A month ago, the two reports reached very different conclusions about job growth at the end of 2013.

Reports: 4 Arrests Linked To Philip Seymour Hoffman's Death

Police in Manhattan are telling New York news outlets that three men and one woman are in custody. It's thought they may have been involved in the distribution of heroin reportedly found in the apartment where the actor died over the weekend.

CVS Caremark To Clear Shelves Of Tobacco Products

The drug store chain announced Wednesday morning that it will stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products by Oct. 1. CVS chain says selling cigarettes is at odds with its caretaking mission.

CVS To Stop Selling Tobacco Products

The company's 7,600 pharmacies will remove cigarettes and other tobacco products from their shelves by Oct. 1. The decision should "help people on their path to better health," says CVS CEO Larry Merlo.

Republicans Use Latest CBO Report To Rail Against Obamacare

The new Congressional Budget Office report gives ammunition to Republicans and puts Democrats on the defensive. It said the Affordable Care Act would reduce the number of full-time workers by more than 2 million by the year 2024. But as usual, the truth is more complicated than the headlines and press releases suggest.

Microsoft Picks Insider, Who's An Indian Immigrant, As CEO

Microsoft's new CEO Satya Nadella is part of a wave of highly educated Indian immigrants who came to America a generation ago with expectations back home that they would succeed. Nadella has done just that and more, taking the reins of one of the world's top companies.

100 Years Ago, Writer William S. Burroughs Was Born

He was a central figure of the Beat Generation whose influence extended beyond literature to rock music and visual arts. He lived all over the world but spent his last years in Lawrence, Kansas — he liked the quiet there and the opportunity to fish and hunt.

Police Post Selfie Online, Suspect Turns Himelf In

In Palm Beach County, Fla., someone stole a cell phone. Investigators used the phone's photo sharing settings to access its pictures and discovered the alleged thief had taken a shot of himself.