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Oklahomans Feel Way More Earthquakes Than Californians; Now They Know Why

The U.S. Geological Survey issues a report Thursday on quakes linked to oil and gas drilling, but Oklahoma has said that the industry's wastewater disposal is the cause. What's unknown is a solution.

Some Companies Fight Pay Gap By Eliminating Salary Negotiations

Women are often less assertive when it comes to negotiating salaries and raises. Some firms are trying to neutralize the disparity by refusing to negotiate salaries. But will that hurt recruitment?

Fruit Growers Try Tricking Mother Nature To Prevent Crop Damage

In Michigan's orchard country, extreme heat and cold can mean disaster for fruit growers. Now some are using a new twist on old technology to fool trees when sudden, unexpected weather changes occur.

Visiting The Everglades, Obama Takes Swipe At Climate Change Deniers

"Climate change can no longer be denied," Obama said. "It can't be edited out. It can't be omitted from the conversation. And action can no longer be delayed."

Yemen Crisis Creates Even Tougher Challenge For U.S. In Middle East

NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with R. Nicholas Burns, a professor at Harvard University's School of Government, who says that the U.S. has a tough challenge in the region as four states are in crisis.

White House Climate Change Policy Faces Legal Hurdle

NPR's Melissa Block speaks to Brian Deese, President Obama's senior adviser in charge of climate policy, about the Obama administration's push for new restrictions around power plant emissions.

Julian Koenig, Well-Known Adman, Named Earth Day

NPR remembers Julian Koenig, the longtime adman who coined some of the catchiest phrases in the business and named Earth Day.

New Orleans Bans Smoking In Bars, Restaurants

Lighting up in casinos is off-limits, too. The smoking ban stems from a law passed earlier this year.

Comcast, Time Warner Push For Merger Approval Amid Opposition

Company officials met with regulators who are considering whether to back the proposed $45 billion merger. A group of senators say the deal should be rejected, calling it anti-competitive.

Senate OKs Human-Trafficking Bill, Paving Way For Attorney General Vote

The human-trafficking measure had been stuck in the Senate because of an impasse over language on abortion funding. That has now been resolved.