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Memphis Says Final Goodbye To B.B. King With Parade On Famed Beale Street

Memphis paid tribute Wednesday to blues great B.B. King. Music and a parade along the famous Beale Street comes ahead of King's funeral this weekend in his native Mississippi.

Questions Remain About How To Use Data From License Plate Scanners

The scanners are standard equipment for police, but what's not settled is what happens to all the data collected. That data can link people to certain addresses and flag unusual activity.

Women Fight Their Way Through Army's Grueling Ranger School

Two years after the Defense Department lifted the ban on women serving in combat units, the Army is allowing women to go through the training program for soldiers who aspire to be infantry leaders.

Iraqi Forces Prepare To Reclaim Ramadi From Islamic State

Iraq is preparing to take back parts of Anbar province after the city of Ramadi fell to the self-declared Islamic State earlier this month, dealing a blow to the Iraqi government and militia forces. Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to support Iraq with targeted airstrikes against Islamic State militants.

Iowa Group Divorces Itself From Controversial Marriage Pledge

An anti-same-sex-marriage pledge from a social-conservative group included a lot more than that in 2012. Looking to avoid the backlash it created in the last presidential election, the group nixed it.

Research Chimps Get Their Day In Court In New York

But neither Hercules nor Leo, who are at the center of a legal battle over whether chimpanzees should have the same legal rights as people, were physically present in the Manhattan courtroom.

U.S. Finalizes Rules To Protect Rivers, Streams From Pollution

The regulations are intended to clarify recent court decisions on which bodies of water are protected, but many farmers and congressional Republicans oppose what they call an EPA "land grab."

Supreme Court Says Locals Can Make Pill-Makers Pay For Drug Disposal

The court decision means companies are on the hook for helping at least some consumers in California safely dispose of leftover pills and other medicine. Similar measures are in the works elsewhere.

Nebraska Lawmakers Override Governor's Veto Of Death Penalty Repeal

The vote was 30-19. Nebraska is now the first Republican-controlled state in the U.S. to repeal the death penalty since North Dakota in 1973.

Scott Walker Says Ultrasounds Are 'Just A Cool Thing'

Speaking about his state's law that requires an ultrasound before an abortion, the Wisconsin governor said he meets people all the time who are excited to show him ultrasounds of their grandkids.