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Sen. Jeff Flake: Republicans Can Work With President On Trade

Robert Siegel talks to Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona for his reaction to the State of the Union.

Middle Class Economics Dominate Obama's State Of The Union

President Obama wants to expand an existing tax credit for child care and create a new one for families with two working spouses. He also wants to make two years of community college free and expand access to retirement savings programs.

Historic Diplomatic Talks Begin In Cuba

The most high-level U.S. delegation to visit Cuba in 35 years is in Havana for two days of talks. The meetings follow the historic thaw in relations announced simultaneously last month by President Obama and President Raul Castro. The focus of the talks will be migration and the nuts and bolts of restoring diplomatic ties.

Tired Of Paying For Checked Baggage? You're Actually Getting A Good Deal

Everyone hates to pay extra for checked baggage on an airline. But you probably aren't paying enough — in fact, your baggage is bumping far more lucrative cargo.

Standard & Poor's Settles In SEC Ratings Fraud Case

Standard & Poor's has agreed to pay fines of nearly $80 million to settle charges that it changed the way it was rating securities in a bid to win business, but didn't bother to tell investors. The firm also agreed to a one year ban on rating certain kinds of securities. A separate Justice Department investigation is still underway.

Soccer Players End Lawsuit Over Artificial Turf At Women's World Cup

The suit accused the organizers of discrimination, saying elite men's teams would never be forced to play on an artificial surface instead of natural grass. The plaintiffs included Abby Wambach.

Scientists Give Genetically Modified Organisms A Safety Switch

By making E. coli dependent on an artificial amino acid, scientists hope to show that engineered organisms can be safer and more useful for industrial processes like drug production.

Boehner Invites Israel's Netanyahu To Address Congress On Iran

The White House, which was not informed of the invitation, called it a departure from diplomatic protocol. House Speaker John Boehner said, "Congress can make this decision on its own."

State Of The Union: A Quick Wrap On Education

Good news about graduation rates, and more about Obama's plan for making community college free.

I'm Over The Moon Obama Brought Up Broadband, Sen. Heitkamp Says

Renee Montagne talks to Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota about President Obama's State of the Union address.