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Correction: Al Feldstein Obituary

Melissa Block and Robert Siegel correct an omission in an earlier piece, which failed to acknowledge source audio in an obituary for Mad magazine editor Al Feldstein.

Fed Slows Pace Of Bond Buying, Keeps Rates Steady — For Now

The Federal Reserve said that it was curtailing its bond purchases to $15 billion per month. It gave no hint when interest rates would rise.

Watch Out For Bridezilla: Avoiding A Wedding Etiquette Blunder

Planning a wedding is all about the details — including proper etiquette. Are digital invitations appropriate? Do you have to invite disapproving guests? Host Michel Martin finds out.

When Unaccompanied Children Cross The Border, Judges Can't Always Help

With thousands of unaccompanied children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, immigration judges are faced with deciding who stays and who goes. Host Michel Martin examines the court process.

What Does Body Ink Say About NBA Players' Pain And Personalities?

According to Ethan Swan's blog 'NBA Tattoos,' 55 percent of basketball players in the league are tattooed. Swan shares what he's learned about the athletes from tracking their body ink.

Some Paramedics Doing Less Transport, More Treatment At Scene

Cities and towns call it community paramedicine, and say the goal is to lower hospital costs by training emergency crews to do more treatment at the scene. But who actually pays for these house calls?

Kids In Juvenile Detention Face Risk Of Violent Death As Adults

Young delinquents are much more likely than their peers to die violently as adults. And girls are at particular risk. Lack of access to preventive care is partly to blame, researchers say.

The Twisty Tale Of The World's Most Expensive Stamp

The British Guiana One-Cent Black on Magenta begins its journey in a young Scottish boy's collection and passes through the hands of a delusional killer. It was auctioned Tuesday for $9.5 million.

House Panel Grills GM CEO And Investigator Over Switch Recall

Questions about a potential cover-up dominate a congressional hearing about General Motors' handling of a deadly safety flaw. "How could they not know?" one congressman asked.

Goats In The City? Making A Case For Detroit's Munching Mowers

Goats aren't allowed in Detroit, but billionaire Mark Spitznagel thinks they could help revitalize blighted neighborhoods. Goat raisers in other cities say the animals can be eco-friendly landscapers.