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Rebuilding A Life And A City After Years On Detroit's Streets

After years of selling drugs and serving prison time in Detroit, Isaac Lott now works to help reclaim abandoned homes. He says he is hopeful about his own future, as well as the future of the city.

Do We Really Need The Air Force?

The military is a huge bureaucracy with many redundancies. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with University of Kentucky's Robert Farley, who argues that we need air power, but not a separate Air Force.

John Denver's 'Country Roads,' Now Official In West Virginia

John Denver's hit "Take Me Home, Country Roads," has just become a state song of West Virginia, an effort spearheaded by the woman married to the actor who played Gilligan on Gilligan's Island.

Libertarians Move In To Make A Small N.H. Town Even Smaller

Grafton, N. H., is so tiny, it doesn't even have a stop light, but a group of Libertarians have moved there with an eye to slashing spending. It's made some residents angry.

Picking Apart Detroit To Make It Whole Again

There are an estimated 80,000 abandoned buildings scattered throughout Detroit. As the city tries to navigate its bankruptcy, part of Detroit's recovery plan involves deconstruction and demolition.

15 Seconds To Nowhere: Goldsprints Bring Bikes To The Bar

You'll find bike racers indoors this winter, racing in bars. At goldsprints racing events, the arena contains stationary bicycles, rowdy crowds and beer.

City Versus Suburb A Longstanding Divide In Detroit

Detroit has long been a city divided among racial and economic lines. As the city attempts to recover, some see the change as an opportunity to heal those old wounds.

SXSW Diary: Aereo, The Supreme Court And TV's Future

Aereo is making broadcast TV available over the Internet, so long as you sign up for its tiny antennas. Big broadcasters call this innovation outright theft. Soon, the Supreme Court will decide.

A Frat Of Their Own: Muslims Create A New Space On Campus

Alpha Lambda Mu filled a void last year, becoming the first Muslim fraternity in the country. Its founder says he just wanted to provide Muslim American men a place to be themselves.

Catching Kayla: Running One Step Ahead Of Multiple Sclerosis

When Kayla Montgomery runs, her legs go numb. But she's determined to not let MS slow her down. The teen track star from North Carolina is headed to nationals in New York next week.