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AFL-CIO Lets GOP Speak For Itself In New Immigration Ads

The union is running Spanish-language TV spots in Atlanta, Orlando, Denver and Bakersfield, Calif., in an attempt to pressure Republicans to pass an immigration overhaul.

Doctors Slow To Embrace Recommended HPV Testing

A test for a virus linked to cervical cancer has been around for 10 years. But a lot of doctors still don't recommended it routinely for women. Female doctors are more likely to prescribe it than their males colleagues.

Nick Bilton On Twitter's Creation Myth & 'Forgotten Founder'

Thursday's stock darling was an idea that came out of one man's loneliness. Bilton shares details of the betrayals and ousters during Twitter's earliest days.

When It Comes To Public Opinion, More News Is Not Good News For NSA

New public opinion polls show distaste for National Security Agency surveillance does not break cleanly across party lines. Despite the administration's attempts otherwise, one new study finds that the more people know about the NSA, the more they dislike it.

Here, Drink A Nice Glass Of Sparkling Clear Wastewater

Silicon Valley will soon open up a high-tech water recycling facility, capable of turning treated sewage into crystal clean water. In theory, it should be better than what comes out of kitchen sinks today. The purification is tough, but the hardest challenge is convincing people to drink it, even as freshwater becomes more scarce.

What Happened To Those TV Ads For Payday Loans?

Regulators are cracking down on payday loans, leading some companies like Western Sky to shut down their loan operations.

On Twitter's IPO Day, A Look At How 5 Tech Stocks Have Fared

As eyes turn to the markets on Twitter's first day of trading, NPR wondered how some other tech stocks have performed since their IPOs. Some have soared, some have stumbled.

All In The Family: Jimmy Carter's Grandson Runs For Governor

Jason Carter, the grandson of the 39th president, launched his campaign for Georgia's top job Thursday. He joins a handful of other relatives of past presidents and vice presidents who will be on ballots around the country in 2014.

Stanford Professor Who Sounded Alert On Multitasking Has Died

"People who multitask all the time can't filter out irrelevancy. They can't manage a working memory. They're chronically distracted," sociologist Clifford Nass said. The Stanford University professor died earlier this week.

FDA Moves To Phase Out Remaining Trans Fats In Food Supply

The agency says trans fats, found in partially hydrogenated oils, raise the risk of heart disease. Even though food companies have drastically reduced their use of the oils, you can still find trans fat in microwavable popcorn, Crisco and all kinds of mass-produced baked goods.