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Putting A Face Behind The 'Sting Of The Drone'

NPR's Lynn Neary talks to former national coordinator for Security and Counter-Terrorism Richard A. Clarke. He's written a new thriller, Sting of the Drone, a fictional look at the U.S. drone program.

Court User Fees Bill Defendants For Their Punishment

Courts have found a new source of funding by charging fees to defendants who go through the criminal justice system. NPR's Joe Shapiro tells NPR's Lynn Neary about his year-long investigation into the fees.

McConnell Faces Challenge From The Right In Tuesday Midterms

On Tuesday, voters in six states head to the polls for primary elections. NPR's Charles Mahtesian gives NPR's Lynn Neary a preview of what to expect.

Poverty, A Frustrating Mix Of Bad Choices And Bad Luck

Stories about poverty can evoke strong reactions, in part because Americans are conflicted about the topic. Both bad circumstances and bad choices can be the cause.

How A Conservative Darling Could Lose His Conservative State

Sam Brownback's reelection as the GOP governor of Kansas might have been a slam dunk, but he's managed to anger enough constituency groups — including some Republicans — that now he faces a real race.

The Merits Of Income Inequality: What's The Right Amount?

Economists say too much income inequality is a bad thing. But they also say some inequality is necessary, and even good for society. Here are suggestions for finding that balance.

Do We Need This Government Agency? 'Let Me Google That'

Why would anyone pay for something when the exact same thing is available for free? That's the question asked of an obscure federal agency pursuing a Cold War mission in the age of the search engine.

California Chrome Wins Preakness; On Course For Triple Crown

If California Chrome wins the Belmont Stakes in June, he will become the 12th Triple Crown winner and the first since 1978.


Southern Baptist Leaders Seek Softer Approach To Homosexuality

Though the denomination still considers homosexuality a sin, some leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention are telling pastors to rein in harsh rhetoric and accept that gay people are in their pews.

Shifting Images: Cleaning Up Amsterdam And Controversial Art

Eugene Robinson, deputy editor of the online magazine Ozy, tells Tess Vigeland how Amsterdam is shaping up the red light district and about a New Orleans homicide detective who is an artist by day.