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A Chat With The Doctor Can Help Kids Resist Smoking

Having doctors talk to children and parents about the harms of smoking does help keep school-age children and teens from using tobacco. Even sending a brochure or other materials to a child's home can help.

Rodeo Clown 'Would Be Honored' To Shake Obama's Hand

Tuffy Gessling was at the center of a storm over a skit in which a clown in an Obama mask was chased by a bull. "I didn't do this to do any hating on anyone. I did this to be funny. I did it to be a joke," he tells Kansas City's KCTV.

Amanda Knox Won't Attend New Italian Trial, Lawyer Says

Amanda Knox, whose murder conviction was overturned in 2011, will not travel to Italy for a new trial in the death of fellow student Meredith Kercher. A spokesman for the Knox family tells CNN that Knox's presence isn't required at next month's trial.

Brazile & Steele: Keeping The Dream Alive

Thousands of Americans marked the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington this Saturday. Host Michel Martin talks about the weekend's events and the political future of the civil rights movement with Democratic strategist Donna Brazile and former RNC chairman Michael Steele.

Former Sec. Of Education Wants More Support For Teachers

Education has been called the top civil rights issue of the 21st century. Host Michel Martin asks former U.S. Secretary of Education of Education Rod Paige about whether the nation is winning the battle for equality in schools.

MLK's Dream Across Decades

John Tatum has lived through more than nine decades of history in the nation's capital, and attended the original March on Washington in 1963. He speaks to host Michel Martin about what Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream meant to him then, and how it speaks to him now.

Little Girl Who Needed Lung Transplants Due To Go Home

Sarah Murnaghan, now 11, had only weeks to live earlier this summer when a judge ordered that she be moved up a transplant waiting list. Her case sparked a review of national organ transplant policy. Now, she's recovered enough to soon be able to go home.

New Salinger Books Will Arrive In 2015, Authors Say

A stream of fiction and stories written by reclusive author J.D. Salinger will be published between 2015 and 2020, according to a new biography about the writer of The Catcher in the Rye, who died in 2010. Some of the books will reportedly revisit beloved Salinger characters such as Holden Caulfield.

'Fire Tracker': Online Tool To Monitor Blaze Near Yosemite

The huge fire is threatening some of San Francisco's power and water services. Southern California Public Radio has put together a multimedia tool to follow the fire and the fight to bring it under control.

This Wedding Had A Lot Of Clowning Around

The groom had on a big fake nose. The bride: an orange wig. And before the groom could run away, she reeled him in with a fishing pole. Makes sense, as they were two clowns and were married at Clownfest 2013 in Lancaster, Pa.