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It's 'Not Great,' But Budget Deal Is Expected To Pass In The House

Democrats and Republicans both have problems with the package, but passage is expected in the House on Thursday. The Senate is likely to do the same next week. Rep. Paul Ryan says the deal brings "some semblance of bipartisanship."

Tagging Along On A Wisconsin Man's Odyssey To Buy Insurance

The Obama administration says the experience is getting better, but what's it really like? We asked Doug Normington of Madison, Wis., to let us peek over his shoulder as he tries to buy health insurance through the federal exchange. After many tries, success.

Miami Gardens Under Fire For Zero-Tolerance Crime Policy

To combat an upsurge in shootings and other violence, the town of Miami Gardens adopted "zero tolerance" policies aimed at addressing even small violations. Now a local merchant has filed a civil rights lawsuit saying the policy has led to harassment of his customers and employees.

California Still Owes U.S. Billions For Unemployment

The state of California owes the federal government billions of dollars — money it borrowed to fund unemployment benefits. And even as the economy and job market recover, the state is going further into the red.

Shifting Gears To Make Bike-Sharing More Accessible

In the past few years, bike-sharing systems have popped up from Boston to Minnesota to Washington, D.C. The users so far tend to be young, male and wealthier than the rest of the population.

High Insurance Rates Anger Some Ski-Country Coloradans

Gas, groceries and rents are all pricier in Summit and Eagle counties than in Denver, just a hundred miles away. Health insurance costs a lot more in these mountain communities, too, and some folks are crying foul. Their congressman — a Democrat — is asking the feds for relief.

Filling The Gaps For Veterans With Bad Discharges

Community and charity groups are scrambling to provide care where the VA is failing veterans who left the military with less-than-honorable discharges. Many of these groups have extensive experience with the problem; they say tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans faced the same problem.

Scandal May Bring New Oversight To LA County Sheriff's Department

The Los Angeles County supervisor wants to create an independent commission to oversee the department following charges of inmate abuse and racial profiling.

Newtown Parents Seek A Clearer Window Into Violent Behavior

When Jeremy Richman and Jennifer Hensel lost their daughter in the Connecticut shooting, they couldn't understand why someone would do such a thing. In seeking an answer, they're funding research into the forces that increase a person's risk of aggression — and have also found a path to healing.

With One Photo, The Average Commute Becomes Super Special

We asked you to photograph your commute. We had no idea you would make such connections!