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Popular Antacids Increase The Risk Of B-12 Deficiency

All medications come with risks, and one of the risks with popular heartburn medicines seems to be that they interfere with the absorption of vitamin B-12. That can cause troubling symptoms, from anemia and depression to dementia.

Missing Couple, Four Kids Found Safe In Nevada Mountains

The family had gone to an abandoned mining town in northern Nevada to play in the snow and didn't return. They faced subzero temperatures.

Is Obama-Castro Handshake A Step Toward U.S.- Cuba Thaw?

President Obama shook hands with Cuban President Raul Castro at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela Tuesday. It is believed to be the first handshake between leaders of the two countries since President Clinton greeted Raul's brother Fidel Castro at a U.N. meeting in 2000.

St. Paul, Minn., Preps Break Record For Largest Snowball Fight

Seattle broke the Guinness World Record for largest snowball fight in January with 5,834 participants. St. Paul, Minn., hopes to top that next month during its Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival. For more, Melissa Block speaks with Joe Alton, a project manager for the carnival and its snowball-fight organizer.

Texas Ice Storm Plus Sand, Traffic Equals 'Cobblestone Ice'

The cold snap that hammered Dallas five days ago is still creating problems. Thousands of people remain without power. Some truckers remain trapped at rest stops. And an unusual phenomenon called "cobblestone ice" is hampering crews from de-icing interstate bridges, overpasses and off-ramps.

New Orleans' Rat Fighters Go Beyond Baiting Traps

Since Hurricane Katrina, the hated rodents have flourished in piles of trash and blighted buildings. But when simply setting traps didn't work, city officials decided to take a more methodical approach to rat control. They're attacking the problems that invite the rats — and they're winning.

To Get Olympic Snow, Machines Give Nature A Nudge

The 2014 Winter Olympics will unfold in a resort town on the relatively warm Black Sea — a testament to how far man-made snow has come in recent years. The strategy to supply snow includes a massive system of more than 550 machines — plus insulated blankets to protect piles of already-made white stuff.

To Fight Meningitis Outbreak, Princeton Tries European Vaccine

The vaccine made by Novartis isn't approved for general use in the United States. But the Food and Drug Administration is allowing it on the Princeton campus. The university is offering the vaccine to students and some other people on campus through Thursday.

GM Gives A Woman The Keys To Drive Its Future

In the male-dominated world of cars and trucks, Mary Barra put herself into the driver's seat. On Tuesday, General Motors chose Barra, the daughter of a Pontiac plant worker, to become its new chief executive. Analysts say she may bring fresh ideas about how to sell autos to women.

Despite Big Market In Florida, Obamacare Is A Hard Sell

Far from the glitz of South Beach or the tourist mecca of the Magic Kingdom is northern Florida. Information about the Affordable Care Act can be hard to come by for residents, many of whom are working poor and could benefit from the law.