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Paying For College: No Easy Answers For Many Families

After adjusting for inflation, the cost of tuition more than tripled between 1973 and 2013. That reality has been forcing more and more students to take on staggering debts.

Uniform Rule May Keep Religious Americans From Military Service

Observant Sikhs need to get an exemption in order to keep maintain long hair and beards. One service member who is Sikh says the application process has a chilling effect on those who want to serve.

Westboro Baptist Founder Is 'On The Edge Of Death,' Son Says

Fred Phelps is in hospice care and has been excommunicated from the church he founded in Topeka, his son Nathan wrote in a statement he posted to Facebook on Saturday night.

Kansas Legislature Scolds Itself Over Slew Of Contentious Bills

From spanking children to denying service to gay couples, legislation in Kansas has been stirring up controversy. Some lawmakers argue their colleagues are drifting from the important issues.

Photo Identification: The 'Best And Worst Way' To ID People

How reliably can we find the fakes? A new study says the more forgeries people come across, the better they are at spotting them. But there are multiple traps that can cloud screeners' judgment.

Physicists, Generals And CEOs Agree: Ditch The PowerPoint

A group of physicists banned PowerPoint from forums, and they're aren't the only people who say we should cut back on slide-based presentations: Others include Amazon, LinkedIn and NASA.

David Brenner Dies; The Comedian Was 78

When he introduced Brenner as a guest on his show for the first time, Johnny Carson described him this way: "He's very clever. Somewhat warped."

Sergeant To Receive Long-Overdue Medal Of Honor

Melvin Morris served two tours of duty in Vietnam, but because of his race he didn't receive the Medal of Honor. Morris talks to NPR's Rachel Martin about the award he'll receive from President Obama.

Inside The Barely Legal World Of Designer Drugs

Designer drugs are altered at the molecular level to mimic illegal drugs, while staying inside the law. NPR's Rachel Martin talks with author Mike Power about how these drugs are made and sold.

A Chronicle Of Phony Tech Gadgets

Engadget, the technology web site, has a regular feature called Keepin' It Real Fake, charting the world's most notable tech rip-offs. NPR's Rachel Martin talks with Engadget editor Michael Gorman.