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The Longest Mail Route In The Country

Jim Ed Bull is a 72-year-old letter carrier in rural Oklahoma with the a 187.6-mile route — longest in the United States. Bull talks about his route with host Rachel Martin and the truck that carries him across those long stretches of open space.

Ancient African Religion Finds Roots In America

African-American followers of Yoruba say it offers a spiritual path as well as a sense of cultural belonging. Followers of Yoruba are adapting its teachings to a modern context, while connecting with their heritage.

Philly Nurse Accused Of Helping Elderly Father Die

A nurse faces trial for allegedly helping her elderly father commit suicide by supplying him with morphine. Advocates argue she's protected if her intent was to relieve pain, even if that hastened death. Host Rachel Martin talks with NPR's Jeff Brady about the details of the case.

Second Panda Cub Stillborn, First Cub Fine, At National Zoo

Keepers at the Smithsonian National Zoo, who were elated to report Friday that giant panda Mei Xiang gave birth to a cub, added a sad note Saturday with the news of a second cub, which was stillborn.

A Guide To The Nation's Most Vulnerable Governors

In all, 36 states will be voting for governor in 2014. All but a handful of those races will feature incumbents favored for re-election. Here's a look at a few who could be toast.

The Same Tents That Seal Storms Out Can Seal Carbon Monoxide In

If the weather on your campout turns ugly, you may be tempted to fire up the stove inside the tent to cook or get warm. Don't, say emergency room toxicologists, or risk a potentially lethal buildup of poisonous carbon monoxide.

Hacker-Artist's Mantra: 'Fun Makes The Politics Go Down'

Evan Roth knows how to get a rise out of the people and organizations he targets. Over his career, the Michigan-born "hacker-artist" has taken on Google, the Transportation Safety Administration, and — most bravely of all — Justin Bieber's fans.

N.Y. County Outsources The Job Of Monitoring Sex Offenders

Suffolk County, on Long Island, is giving enforcement authority to a victims' advocacy group. Lawmakers call it a cost-effective way to keep citizens safe. But a local attorney who often represents sex offenders calls it a "vigilante exercise."

50 Years Later, A March On Washington Among Generations

Grandparents with grandchildren were among the tens of thousands gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial Saturday to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the civil rights movement's March on Washington. The rally is among many events around the nation's capital over several days marking the historic march.


In Tennessee Jail, It May Soon Be Pay To Stay

If you do the crime, you do the time. But if you're doing time at Anderson County Jail in Clinton, Tenn., it may get more expensive. The county mayor is deciding whether to approve a policy for the jail, just north of Knoxville, that would charge inmates for basic necessities: $9 for pants, $6.26 for a blanket, 29 cents for a roll of toilet paper. UCLA law professor Sharon Dolovich discusses pay-for-stay policies, which are common in jails across the country.