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Storm Shelter App Helps Pinpoint People Amid Tornado's Rubble

After a tornado hits, emergency crews looking for survivors in storm shelters face a problem: Streets and landmarks are suddenly unrecognizable. One Moore, Okla., firefighter developed an app to help.

New DOJ Policy Urges Agents To Videotape Interrogations

The policy shift, set to take effect July 11, is designed to align practices across the federal government, where some law enforcement agencies employ recordings and others don't.

Anxiety And MRIs May Be Driving The Rise In Double Mastectomies

More than two-thirds of women who had a double mastectomy after a cancer diagnosis didn't have the high risk that could be reduced by the surgery, a study finds.

40 Years After Watergate, A Look Back At Nixon's Downfall

Political journalist Elizabeth Drew chronicled the events of 1974 in her recently-reissued Washington Journal. She tells NPR's Robert Siegel that she sees "a certain nobility" in Nixon's resilience.

71 Arrested For Internet Child Porn In New York

Described as the largest-ever such operation in the city, it yielded some 600 computers, tablets and smartphones containing what officials say are "shocking" images.

JPMorgan Chase Announces Detroit Investment

JPMorgan Chase will invest $100 million into the Motor City. The bulk of the money will go to small business development, blight removal and job training. Michigan Radio's Sarah Hulett reports.

Penny Hoarders Hope For The Day The Penny Dies

A pre-1982 penny has about 2 cents worth of copper in it. Some people hoard them, betting that the U.S. will kill the penny and then it will be legal to melt them down and they can make a killing.

Wait Times Scandal At VA Moves To Front Burner

President Obama promised accountability for problems at the Department of Veterans Affairs after meeting with Secretary Eric Shinseki. The secretary has been on the hot seat since allegations surfaced last month about a possible cover-up of long wait times at a Phoenix VA medical center.

Senate Advances Judicial Nominee Who Wrote Drone Strike Policy

The Senate will consider a judicial nominee who wrote legal advice approving drone strikes against Americans overseas. Critics question executive branch authority to execute citizens without trial.

Obama: U.S. Military In Chad To Aid Search For Missing Schoolgirls

The president tells Congress that 80 U.S. armed forces personnel have been deployed to the central African nation to help locate the nearly 300 girls kidnapped last month in Nigeria.