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Toddler Removed From Home After Viral Swearing Video

A video of an African-American toddler swearing went viral after a police union posted it online. The child was later removed from his home because of safety concerns. Tell Me More's parenting panel discuss whether authorities went too far.

35,000 Or So Have Water Again In W.Va.; 265,000 Or So To Go

Officials are slowly lifting the bans on water use in areas that have been affected by last week's chemical spill.

Bridge Scandal Creates Unique Hurdles For Christie

The New Jersey governor's State of the State speech Tuesday will be overshadowed by the scandal surrounding lane closures on the nation's busiest bridge.

Ill-Defined Coverage Muddles Insurance For Developmentally Disabled

Health plans of all kinds typically cover rehabilitative services, such as physical therapy to help people after an accident or illness. But before the Affordable Care Act passed, coverage of similar services to help people learn or maintain functional skills, rather than regain them, was often excluded.

'Absolutely Crazy': Man Killed In Movie Theater For Texting?

Witnesses say one man was upset by another's texting during the previews at an afternoon screening of Lone Survivor in a Tampa-area theater. The dispute allegedly ended with the man who had been texting being shot and killed. The suspect has been charged with second-degree murder.

Congress Poised To Pass $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill

There are no "in your face victories" for Republicans or Democrats in the package. The measure funds the government for the rest of this year and is part of a bipartisan plan to avoid another bitter battle that could shut down the government.

Google Buys Home Automation Company Nest

On Monday, Google announced it had purchased Nest Labs for $3.2 billion. Nest is focused on the "automated home" concept, making smoke detectors and thermostats that connect to the Internet. Google's purchase signals a strong interest in this arena.

More Workers Forced To Pick Up Pension Investment Risks

Morning Edition co-host David Greene talks to Jacob Kirkegaard of the Peterson Institute for International Economics about whether Boeing's restructuring of employee benefits was inevitable given global competition. Kirkegaard co-authored a book called U.S. Pension Reform: Lessons From Other Countries.

Ford Unveils F-150 With Aluminum Body

The redesign of the Ford F-150 resets the dial for the truck and car world. In a bid to gain more fuel economy, it's expected to lose a half-a-ton of weight. Technological advances in materials have made it possible to build cars and trucks out of aluminum. Though aluminum is a third the strength and three times the cost.

Maine County Watches Out For Citizens Confined To Their Homes

Getting through a tough winter can be especially challenging for elderly or disabled people living in rural areas. There aren't always next door neighbors who can pop by to check on them. One county in Maine has devised a way to make sure these people are alright.