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Man's Best Friend To The End: Resting In Peace Beside Your Pet

There are cemeteries for humans, there are cemeteries for pets. And increasingly, there are cemeteries where humans can rest for eternity beside Fluffy and Fido.

LA Mountain Lion A Poster Cat For California's Rat Poison Problem

Reports that Griffith Park's famous four-legged resident became ill from exposure to rodenticides have heightened concerns about the use of the poisons in California.

CDC Says More Workers Potentially Exposed To Live Anthrax

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention increased to 86 the number of its personnel who it says may have been exposed to live anthrax at three labs in Atlanta.

GOP Lawmakers Confront IRS Chief Over Lost Emails

Commissioner John Koskinen got a frosty reception from Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee, who accused him of lying about computer crashes that he says account for the missing data.

From A Stream To A Flood: Migrant Kids Overwhelm U.S. Border Agents

Of the hundreds of migrants that U.S. border agents catch daily in the Rio Grande Valley, 20 percent are unaccompanied minors. Instead of catching lawbreakers, the agents say, they're baby-sitting.

U.S.-Foreign Mergers Raise Calls For Tax Reforms

Medical device company Medtronic is merging with another firm and moving its legal headquarters to Ireland. The move is a tax-saving strategy called "inversion," and it's growing more common.

To Treat PTSD, Veterans Have A Vast Array Of Ineffective Solutions

A new report by the Institute of Medicine rates the different treatments used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, also recommending areas for further research.

Settlement Spells Apparent Final Chapter To Central Park Rape Case

New York City has reportedly reached a settlement with five men who were wrongly convicted of the brutal 1989 beating and rape of a female jogger in Central Park. If approved, the reported $40 million settlement would bring an apparent end to one of the most sensational crime stories in recent city history.

'Central Park 5' Win $40 Million From NYC For False Convictions

Five black and Hispanic men who were falsely accused in the sensational 1989 attack on a white woman in Central Park said they were railroaded by police.

U.S. To Open Immigrant Family Detention Centers In Response To Influx

The Obama administration says it will boost enforcement efforts — and try to dispel beliefs among migrants that new U.S. policies allow them to enter the country illegally.