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State Of The Union Invitation List: Who Makes The Cut

Guests who get an invitation to the annual State of the Union address tend to reflect the personal and political aims of the president. Some have won notice during important news events that define the times — like the Boston Marathon bombing.

Sandwich Monday: The White Castle Slider

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we eat the humble White Castle Slider. It was just named Time magazine's Most Influential Burger of All Time.

NYT: NSA Can Exploit Mobile Apps For Information

According to leaked secret documents, the NSA can scoop up deeply personal data from mobile phone apps. The spy agency also exploits innocuous actions like updating a phone's software.

CEO Of A Bitcoin Exchange Charged With Money Laundering

The charge: That he conspired to sell more than $1 million in bitcoins to individuals who used the virtual money to buy drugs on the Silk Road website.

Making Moonshine At Home Is On The Rise. But It's Still Illegal

Let's be clear: Making spirits at home with plans to drink it remains against federal law, folks. Even so, more and more people appear to be taking up home distilling as a hobby. For some, it's the first step toward a professional, legit operation.

New Muslim Ms. Marvel Doesn't Drink, Date Or Eat Bacon

The Marvel Universe is filled with people who can crawl along walls and shoot beams from their eyes. But comic book writer G. Willow Wilson saw one thing that was missing: Muslims. So she created Kamala Kahn, the first Muslim superhero to star in her own mainstream series. Wilson talks to host Michel Martin about expanding the religious horizons of the Marvel Universe.

Gay Politicians: Washington's In Crowd Is Out

Eight openly gay members of Congress are on the cover of the National Journal. Host Michel Martin speaks with Representative Mark Takano of California and Adam Kushman, executive editor of the National Journal, about gay power brokers in D.C.

Conjugal Visits: Costly And Perpetuate Single Parenting?

Mississippi was the first state in the country to offer prisoners conjugal visits. Now the state is set to end the program, citing high costs as the main reason. Host Michel Martin speaks with Heather Thompson of Temple University about the history of conjugal visits and why prisoners' families are upset about the change.

Soil, Weedkillers And GMOs: When Numbers Don't Tell The Whole Story

Numbers don't lie, but they can sometimes tell a misleading story. Three times in the past week, we came across farm statistics that painted a picture not quite backed up by facts on the ground.

As Overseas Costs Rise, More U.S. Companies Are 'Reshoring'

For decades, American companies have sent their manufacturing work overseas. Extremely low wages in Asia and elsewhere reduced costs. But as costs overseas go up, a growing number of American companies are rethinking that business model.