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Tax Change Helps Abused Spouses Get Health Insurance Subsidies

Victims of domestic abuse had to file taxes jointly to sign up for health insurance. Advocates say that could bar them from health care when they're most in need. A rule change should help.

Asian-American Rabbi Changes The Face Of Judaism

New York's Central Synagogue is one of the most prominent synagogues in the country, and its new leader is going to be an Asian-American woman. Rabbi Angela Warnick Buchdal shares her story.

Japanese Baseball Began On My Family's Farm In Maine

After the Civil War, Horace Wilson left his farm for Japan, where he introduced baseball. He's a legend there, something his relatives, including NPR's Theo Balcomb, didn't know for generations.

House Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers Won't Seek Re-Election

The Republican congressman from Michigan is going to launch a talk show on the Cumulus radio network. He's been one of the GOP's leading voices on issues related to national security.

Death Toll From Mudslide 'Will Only Increase'

As the day began, the official number of deaths was 17 and another nine bodies had been located. But 90 names remained on a list of those thought to be missing. An update is expected around midday.

Of Me I Sing: Americans Construct An Opt-Out Society

Individualism has always been a strong part of American life, but it's becoming more so these days. People are charting their own courses when it comes to education, the economy and health.

Taco Bell Commercial Takes A Jab At McDonald's

The Mexican fast food chain is broadcasting TV ads featuring Ronald McDonald. Dozens of people who are really named Ronald McDonald promote Taco Bell.

Fastest Growing U.S. City Is A Retirement Community

Aging baby boomers have made The Villages in central Florida the biggest retirement community in the world. Nobody under 50 can live there.

Marine Draws Strength From His Marriage To Recover From Burns

Newlyweds Anthony and Jessica Villarreal share how they rebuilt their lives after a bomb disfigured Anthony in Afghanistan. (The StoryCorps interview initially aired Nov. 9, 2013 on Weekend Saturday.)

Landslide Debris Makes Search And Recovery Excruciating Slow

It's day six of the search and recovery operation at the site of the landslide in Oso, Washington. Ninety people are reported missing and that's left many families in limbo, waiting for news.